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Welcome to Valyrian Steel. We are the officially licensed manufacturer for collectible prop replicas from Game of Thrones, House of the Dragon, and the books of George R.R. Martin.

We are transitioning to a new website, Jalic Blades and we recommend placing your purchase there. Going forward new products will only appear on the new website.

Location: Valyrian Steel \ Longclaw King in the North Edition

Longclaw King in the North Edition

Longclaw King in the North Edition

  This is an official Game of Thrones® licensed product. 

Son of Lyanna Stark and Rhaegar Targaryen, Jon was raised by Lyanna’s brother Ned as his bastard son and is unaware of his true parentage. Jon joined the Night’s Watch where he served as steward to Lord Commander Mormont and was given Longclaw after saving his commander’s life. Later, after Mormont’s death, Jon was elected Lord Commander of the Watch, and made the unpopular decision to ally with the wildlings and save them from the White Walkers. For that, he was murdered at Castle Black by his own men, but to the awe of everyone, Jon was brought back to life by the Red Priestess Melisandre. 

Restored as Lord Commander, Jon executed his murderers before abdicating his command and passing it on to Edd Tollett. He swore off all fighting, until a reunion with his long-lost sister Sansa persuaded him to retake Winterfell. With a rag-tag army of Northern allies and the crucial last-minute support of the Vale, Jon led the Starks to victory in the Battle of the Bastards and reclaimed their childhood home. Impressed with his leadership, the Northern houses proclaimed him King of the North. 
This adult collectible is officially licensed from HBO®'s hit series Game of Thrones®. It is a made of damascus steel, is a limited edition of 1500 pieces and includes a certificate of authenticity and a display plaque. 
The Game of Thrones® Collection is a series of collectible weapons and armor painstakingly recreated from the actual props used on HBO®’s hit fantasy epic Game of Thrones®. The officially licensed collectibles are made from the highest quality materials and have been crafted with special attention to reproduce the authentic details found on the props.
This item is not a toy, please keep out of the reach of children. This replica sword is intended solely for display purposes as a collector's item. Official HBO Licensed Product © 2018 Home Box Office, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Game of Thrones is a trademark of Home Box Office, Inc. Produced under License by Jalic Inc.
Overall Length: 45"
Blade Length: 35"
Blade Material: High carbon damascus steel
Hilt: Genuine leather with antiqued metal wolf pommel
Plaque: Silkscreened Wood with antique silver finished Stark sigils

Payment Information:

We accept Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, or Discover. We also accept checks and money orders through the mail or Western Union. While checking out you will have the option of choosing credit card payment or a mail-in payment to finalize your order. 

IMPORTANT, READ THIS: This is the exclusive officially licensed Longclaw King in the North Edition  from "Game of Thrones." All swords come with a certificate of authenticity. This is a limited edition of 1500 pieces and each item will be engraved with the edition number. 

Shipping Information:

For domestic purchases we offer the full range of UPS shipping options, prices will be provided during checkout. For international customers to some destinations we offer regular mail shipping (2-4 weeks typically) or UPS shipping options that are faster, to other destinations the only options are UPS, and to some destinations we cannot ship at all.

All international customers are advised to read this page prior to placing their order. 


Product Code: VS0106K
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"I wasn't sure if this would be worth the $700, but as soon as it arrive and opened the box I was amazed. The blade and hilt are beautiful, Damascus is perfect for Longclaw. The plaque is probably the best plaque iv'e seen from VS. If you haven't already gotten Longclaw, get The KITNE and enjoy this piece of art before it's gone, maybe for good this time!"
Aug 11 2018, 21:00 PMby

You Know nathin Jon Snow
"I do know a beautiful sword when I see one! I have just received mine and it is a thing of beauty. The Leather hilt is so comfortable and the detail on the faux ivory dire wolf with little red jewels for the eyes is exquisite. The darkened blade through the still visible folds in the steel brings something extra to the blade. Polished off with the piece de resistance plaque with 2 dire wolves. Great work Valyrian Steel!"
Aug 13 2018, 09:27 AMby

"I received Longclaw KITNE very next day of being delivered worldwide and it is awesome. The sword looks very nice and lighter than the stainless steel version and the pattern on the sword looks very nice. The only problem I have was on the box there was a weird cut triangle shape on top of the box but it would be only me having this problem. Overall I really love the sword and it is cool to hang up in my collection room with my other swords."
Jul 29 2018, 06:00 AMby

Beautiful Sword
"As I removed the brown shipper box, I was immediately greeted by the tale of Jon Snow, which stretched down the back of the box. The box itself is gorgeous, the matte texture adding presence to the product. The plaque is stunning, especially the decorative direwolves. The pale grey has a blueish tinge in person, and the studs that hold Longclaw in place are quite lovely. The sword itself is perfect. The lacquer in the pommel shines, and the damascus blade is exquisite. Do not hesitate to purchase this sword, it looks positively radiant in my collection!"
Jul 31 2018, 17:33 PMby

"More than the sum of parts. Almost mystical."
Aug 01 2018, 00:08 AMby

Longclaw King in the North
"A beautiful work of art. I have a Stainless Steel version of Longclaw with the Night's Watch plaque, and got the King in the North Edition. The difference between the two is more than just the metal. Then leather on the hilt is a much better and thicker quality, and noticeable that it was put on there to be more steady. The Pummel is the same, completely amazing design and the work on it is great, the weathering done on it makes every detail stand out. Now the blade, it's breath taking. I did a little bit of research and have seen that it previous Longclaw Damascus steel versions the edges were polish and mush as possible and leaving the fuller unpolished making it seem like the prop used in the show. Mine however came with the entire blade left unpolished, at first I was slightly disappointed but the more I looked at it and had it right next to the stainless steel version I began to appreciate it and was glad that it was left unpolished. In comparison to the Stainless steel version this one seems sharper and the fuller ends into the ridge more fluidly. The plaque is simple but stands out from all of the others plaques that come with the other swords that Valyrian Steel sells. It totaled it is a amazing sword and worth having in a collection."
Aug 01 2018, 15:48 PMby

"Just received my Longclaw and it is everything I expected and more. The blade is finely made and the Damascus pattern is exquisite. Very sturdy feel and the pommel is amazingly strong and made perfect in image. First order from Valyrian Steel and likely not the last and I’ll tell you what I’m in love with this sword."
Aug 03 2018, 05:55 AMby

The greatest swordsman who ever walked
"Just received my king in the north Damascus longclaw and it’s more than words can describe The craftsmanship is immaculate. The guys at Valyrian steel have pulled off a miracle The weight of the sword is perfect as is the balance ,the detail in the pommel is so realistic I definately recommend to everybody wether you’re a game of thrones fan like myself or a sword enthusiast this is worth every dollar and and more valuable than gold and dragonglass. The plaque with the two wolves looks like jon snows breastplate on his armour the color of it is such a great selection just looks so good with the sword The pattern in the blade shows the beauty of Damascus steel layer upon layer of steel folded on itself It is priceless I personally delt with Chris from valyriansteel I’d like to commend him for being such a professional and a true gentleman I live in Australia and he provided me with all the information that I needed to pre order and fulfill a dream of mine . "
Aug 09 2018, 11:35 AMby

"Got my Longclaw King in the North today no 665. Some time ago i could only buy the stainless steel version but just had to have this version. And so happy i did despite the cost. Look so amazing on the wall next to my Oathleeper. Lovely pattern on the blade and recommend buying it. The only problem i have is that i dont know what to do with my stainless steel version ;)"
Sep 03 2018, 17:39 PMby

Well done
"I wanted this the first time I saw it but missed out on the original Longclaw. Big thank you to VS for bringing it back in the King of the North edition. It is a beautiful sword and couldn't be happier. The plaque is also extremely nice. If your a fan get it you wont be sorry."
Sep 06 2018, 04:51 AMby

Magically enchanted and crafted by the best blacksmiths on Earth!
"Received my Longclaw KITN edition about 3 days after ordering. Opening the box, everything was packaged carefully, the sword is easily protected by wrapping and styrofoam. I long considered getting the stainless steel version but I am glad I went with the damascus steel. The sword is perfectly balanced, could be wielded with one hand if you have the strength and sword training, the hilt is wrapped with leather and long enough to be held with two hands. The pommel is beautifully crafted, looks exactly as it does on the show. The sword really is a beautiful art piece. When the sword is in the scabbard, it doesn't fit on the plaque so I drilled two new holes and covered the old ones and it fit perfectly."
May 10 2019, 19:24 PMby

Pleasantly surprised
"I expect movie/tv swords to be oversized, poorly balanced bricks, useless for anything but hanging on the wall. This one is not. The raw dimensions make it a bit heavy for a one handed sword, true, but it's made like a real sword. There is a nice distal taper to the blade, and the point of balance isn't bad at all. Fitting of the parts is flawless. The leather unfortunately does not appear to be grain leather, which it really should be at this price, but that's the only thing I can think of which could be improved. Buy it now before it goes out of stock."
May 22 2019, 21:24 PMby

"im very happy with my longclaw i want to collect then all.. well done!!!!"
Jun 07 2019, 23:28 PMby

"I was very hesitant about spending such a large amount, but it was completely worth it. As a reader of the books and fan of the show, this was a must have for me. Beautifully crafted, and looks identical to the sword in the show. Longclaw scabbard is on the way now !!"
Jun 06 2019, 08:08 AMby

Almost perfect
"Very beautiful sword. I love almost everything about it. The mouth of the wolf on the pommel is a bit funny looking. The top right of the mouth has some extra plastic. Image for reference: Other than that its great!"
Aug 05 2018, 04:46 AMby

Low quality for high price
"Preordered this awhile back so surprised at such a high number and quality on handle is definitely lacking for the price. Last item I will be buying from you guys."
Aug 08 2018, 20:14 PMby

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