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Welcome to Valyrian Steel. We are the officially licensed manufacturer for collectible prop replicas from Game of Thrones, House of the Dragon, and the books of George R.R. Martin.

We are transitioning to a new website, Jalic Blades and we recommend placing your purchase there. Going forward new products will only appear on the new website.

Location: Valyrian Steel \ Night's Watch Dragonglass Dagger Set

Night's Watch Dragonglass Dagger Set

Night's Watch Dragonglass Dagger Set


This is an official A Song of Ice and Fire book series licensed product. 

 Lord Commander Mormont gave him a withering look. "You are a man of the Night's Watch. Try not to soil your smallclothes every time I look at you. Come, I said." His boots made squishing sounds in the mud, and Sam had to hurry to keep up. "I've been thinking about this dragonglass of yours."


"It's not mine," Sam said.
"Jon Snow's dragonglass, then. if dragonglass daggers are what we need, why do we have only two of them? Every man on the Wall should be armed with one the day he says his words."
"We never knew…"
"We never knew! But we must have known once. The Night's Watch has forgotten its true purpose, Tarly. You don't build a wall seven hundred feet high to keep savages in skins from stealing women. The Wall was made to guard the realms of men … and not against other men, which is all the wildlings are when you come right down to it. Too many years, Tarly, too many hundreds and thousands of years. We lost sight of the true enemy. And now he's here, but we don't know how to fight him. Is dragonglass made by dragons, as the smallfolk like to say?"
"The m-maesters think not," Sam stammered. "The maesters say it comes from the fires of the earth. They call it obsidian."
Mormont snorted. "They can call it lemon pie for all I care. If it kills as you claim, I want more of it."
"Beyond the Wall Survival Kit" Details
  • Includes a genuine handcrafted obsidian dagger.
  • Black deerskin leather belt pouch.
  • 5 obsidian arrowheads.
  • Black leather sheath.
  • Collectible wooden storage box. 
  • Fabric map of wildling territory for taking on your next ranging. 
  • Letter from Jon Snow (written by GRRM) issuing your orders. 
  • Dagger overall length ~ 9 inches. 

In making this kit we aimed for an immersive authentic experience. The kit is designed and built as if it were something issued to a ranger of the Night's Watch as part of a mission. Everything has been handmade with natural materials where possible and distressed to reflect what materials the Watch might have available to them at Castle Black. 

This is the exclusive officially licensed Night's Watch Dragonglass Dagger Set from "A Song of Ice and Fire." All swords come with a certificate of authenticity personally autographed by George R.R. Martin. This is a limited edition of 2500 pieces, each dagger diamond etched with an edition number.

This item is in stock. 

WARNING, READ THIS: This kit includes real obsidian, obsidian is a natural volcanic glass. Like all glass it can chip or break, and the knife itself can be razor sharp. Glass will not bend, never use this to pry something as you might with a metal knife. Glass knives should also never, ever, be used anywhere for food preparation or near a place where food preparation takes place, as a shard could break off and be ingested and that would be a very bad thing necessitating emergency medical attention. THIS ITEM IS NOT A TOY, KEEP OUT OF THE REACH OF CHILDREN AT ALL TIMES.

This item is assembled in the US with 80% US parts.

About Valyrian Steel ®

The Valyrian Steel ® Collection is a series of weapons and arms created from the fantasy world of author George R.R. martin's best selling book series "A Song of Ice and Fire". Each limited edition entry in this collection is made of only the highest quality materials available with special attention made to the finish and detailing. Based on Mr. Martin's meticulously detailed notes and descriptions, the design of each piece reflects the rich characters and history of his magnificent saga.

Payment Methods

Check or Money Order. You will checkout on this website here and then be presented with an order form to print out and mail along with your payment. If you are International you should visit your bank and ask for a certified check in USD for the appropriate amount, or visit a Western Union branch office and obtain a Money Order from them in USD. After placing your order you have 30 days to make payment or your order will be cancelled and you will have to replace it, possibly losing your spot in line. If at any time you wish to cancel your order you may do so via email and a refund will be mailed to you. 

Credit Card. Checkout through the website and choose credit card payment. We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover. Please be advised that your card will be billed a deposit of the full amount when you place your order. This deposit is 100% refundable at any time up until when the product ships. If you are from a country with a high degree of credit card fraud we may reject your order and require you to pay with a check or money order. Your credit card statement will have a charge from "Jalic Blades."

Shipping Costs

We ship worldwide, a shipping quote will be provided during checkout.  


Countries cannot ship to because swords aren’t allowed by customs, sorry.


Also, while other items can be shipped to Australia, this specific item cannot be. 

If you live in Denmark contact us first because there are import license issues. If you live in a country that is not listed in our checkout process, contact us for a shipping quote. 



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"This is much more than I expected. Each arrowhead and the knife look amazing along with the extras that came along with the set. The knife itself is lighter than I thought it would be but just looking at it I am mesmerized"
Mar 17 2012, 02:31 AMby

got it !!!
"I got my dagger set about 5 min ago it is beautiful. light weight. the chest it comes in is nice and the certficate and letter from jon snow as well as the map are cool...... i am soooo happy.."
Mar 19 2012, 20:24 PMby

Fantastic Attention to Detail
"I'm not normally this effusive, but truly....this set is just tremendous. The level of detail is simply inspiring. The dagger is much larger than I thought it would be, and it's beautiful in its ruggedness. The box itself looks great on my mantle next to Longclaw, and the fur lining was a nice touch. But the real treat here is the map and the letter "written" by Jon Snow. Words may be wind, but these words I found moving beyond anything I could have expected."
Mar 22 2012, 06:11 AMby

Lovely Set
"Just received set, lovely!! And as said by a previous reviewer, the map and letter from Jon Snow was a bonus. In all, pleasure to look at and hold, and a brilliant addition to the swords, thank you. Just wish there were a few characters who used crossbows or longbows, because I'd love one of them!!"
Apr 03 2012, 00:26 AMby

Great Set #104
"This is my first purchase from Valyrian Steel, and I am floored. Everything is exactly as described; the quality is superb; and everything looks amazing. I love the map and letter from Jon Snow, as well. The attention to detail is superb."
Jun 06 2012, 00:17 AMby

"Just got my 144/2500 Dagger Set in the Mail. Must have if your a collector and want the whole set."
Jun 11 2012, 20:21 PMby

I love my dragonglass dagger set
"For my birthday I was given the dragonglass dagger set. It is really terrific and I love it almost as much as my "needle". The knife and arrowheads are really sharp and suthentic looking. The map and Jon Snow letter are cool. Like the over-the-top GOT fan I am, this was the perfect gift."
Jul 13 2012, 13:04 PMby

I love it!
"I was bought the Dragonglass dagger set for my birthday, it is a fantastic set using so much detail and lightweight, the map and Jon Snows orders are cool. the dagger is larger that I expected and the arrow heads and chest are amazing. This was our first purchase and I doubt it will be our last. "
Jul 29 2012, 11:32 AMby

"#0285 just arrived. This is my first purchase from Valyrian Steel and it was totally worth every penny. Every piece is amazingly crafted and the letter from Jon Snow as well as the map are nice touched as well.A must have for any collector and fan of the show and/or books."
Mar 25 2013, 18:05 PMby

Another terrific addition
"I really love this set. I wasn't going to order it at first because I thought that it wouldn't live up to the swords or the hammer but it does - it's beautiful and very 'real' - VS was going for an immersive experience and they definately succeeded. An absolutely brilliant item again!"
Oct 03 2012, 09:42 AMby

"0258 arrived yesterday this set is simply amazing, my third purchase for valyrian steel and this is my favorite next to longclaw. The chest is nicely crafted and the fur lining is a nice touch. The dagger is very light weight and finely crafted and much bigger than I thought it would be. The arrow heads, letter from Jon Snow, and map are nice bonuses and make this set more than worth the price if your on the fence about it get it you won't be disappointed."
Jan 02 2013, 00:26 AMby

Perfect But One Small Nitpick
"Just got this for Christmas today and I'm absolutely in love with it, My only criticism which is a very small one is that the fur Lining of the chest comes off very easily and sticks to the sheath and handle of the dagger"
Dec 25 2012, 10:05 AMby

Excellent piece.
"I received number #318 today, I absolutely love it, customs charges were ridiculous, total of £40, so if you take that and the £60 to post it it's £100 just to get it in my house. But anyway it doesn't matter about that. So make sure you take into account the extra costs besides the dagger before ordering. The piece itself is truly fantastic, the dagger is quite big and the arrowheads range in sizes. The signed certificate just adds to the whole thing in a brilliant way, it just feels immersive and natural, the real wooden box is fantastic with a little plaque at the bottom to show what number you get. Putting the £240 I spent to one side, I absolutely love it, I'm glad I didn't get a big sword as that would have needed a lot of care and I don't want a big sword on display in my living room for when my in-laws come over. If you want a piece of Valyrian Steel merchandise, buy this. It's fully immersive like a ranger of the Night's Watch would get, and it can fit nicely in a shelf so as to not take up space."
May 03 2013, 22:32 PMby

Can not wait to kill some Others
"I received the set yesterday it is amazing. I love all the details just awesome. Can't wait to get more items from here. Also very fast delivery Thank you."
Jun 05 2013, 23:08 PMby

"Beautiful set. I'm ready to defend the wall!"
Jun 12 2013, 00:37 AMby

Work of Art
"Got my set today and it's amazing. The attention to detail is top notch. I thought it was good based from all the reviews here but holding it in person just sets if off. Worth every penny I spent. This definitely won't be my last purchase from VS."
Jun 29 2013, 01:49 AMby

"I got #421! My girlfriend got me this for our Anniversary and it is an amazing set. The Dagger has got some weight to it and the arrow heads are beautiful. The deer skin pouch and sheath are very nice as is the box. I love the map and the letter from Jon Snow. To top it off that COA signed by the man himself George. R.R Martin. Would definitely buy from Valyrian Steel again. Bring back Longclaw!"
Sep 27 2013, 16:45 PMby

Wow just Wow
"Okay so I finally got my hands on a Night's Watch Dagger Set. And as I live in Australia this was a very hard process but lucky I found one for sale within the country..... All I can say is Wow, I love this set, all the little extras make it worth the money, The map and letter from Jon Snow makes the whole set feel like a real experience. Love the rough look the Obsidian has. Thank you again VS for an unmatched piece of art My only small problem is that Chest is black and not the nice wood grain color like the photos on the site.. I will most likely weather my chest to make it look older and knocked around."
Dec 15 2013, 06:19 AMby

"Night gathers..."
"Absolutely amazing. The wooden chest is great, and the studs make it look well old. Wished the wood could've been made of a heavier kind, but then postage would be much higher :P The interior design is amazing, the only flaw is that it feels like there's an extra cat inside the house (some strands of fur keep falling out). The dagger is absolutely amazing; incredible craftsmanship. The same goes for the arrow heads, except since they're so thin, if you put them up to some bright light you can see them in a shade of dark green which is wicked. The texture of the map's fabric makes it seem old. Only complaint about the map is that there are some black splodges here and there, however it doesn't diminish how great it looks. Despite those tiny small things, I'm still giving this a 5/5. Will purchase something else from here as soon as I can afford it!"
Jan 18 2014, 21:36 PMby

dragonglass dagger set
"I just received my dragonglass dagger set and I couldn't be happier. Beautifully wrought with painstaking detail, I feel like I am in the midst of the brothers of the night's watch, fresh from the vows I've spoken in front of the heart tree. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and, remember,'winter IS coming!'."
May 15 2015, 19:28 PMby

Taking the Black
"For those who are on the fence about buying this, don't be! This set is amazing! Such detail really makes you feel like you are at the wall being issued your own set! It's totally worth it!"
Oct 07 2015, 23:15 PMby

Yield you White walker!!
"Sharp as a dragons tongue but attention to how you strike is at the upmost importance. This blade is for cutting and thrusting of white walkers. Not used for uncorking your barrel of ale. Keep your watch cause winter is coming. send me a coupon for 10 percent off and use my review. i will order 2"
Oct 27 2015, 17:38 PMby

"Received #741 yesterday and I\'m beyond pleased! The only trouble now is deciding which one to get next! Seven blessings to VS!"
Feb 13 2016, 14:44 PMby

"Received mine yesterday felt compelled to comment, this piece is a must have if yur a collecter ,firstly yur owning a piece of g o t memrobelia the detailing what has gone into this set is beyond belief its looks exactly as it does on the tv, also their as only been 2,500 made which also been personally autographed by grrm himself I know this will be a highly collectable item ,thankyou valyrian for such a great peace"
Jun 10 2016, 15:06 PMby

"Just received 0816 yesterday and it is amazing! I love the attention to detail down to the metal scroll ring to the deerskin used for the pouch. The dagger is amazing and the fact that it is signed and limited is even cooler. Thank you VS for making such a quality item."
Aug 12 2016, 19:57 PMby

"We got our Beyond the Wall Survival kit today and it's the most awesome birthday present ever made. The box is so cool looking, and when you open it the fur inside totally makes it complete. The dagger itself is sharp as can be, and very nicely done...but the other goodies made our day. The letter from Lord Commander Snow, and the map are great, but the autographed certificate of authenticity sealed the deal. Worth every penny and more! We got #0909."
Aug 16 2017, 03:58 AMby

Well Done
"Just received number #1061 of the Dragonglass set. It's pretty simple, you get a box; in the box is a map a letter five arrowheads and the knife. Overall a very good purchase will be buying from here again."
Sep 28 2018, 01:51 AMby

Love it!
"Very happy and satisfied with purchase! Can never go wrong buying from here! Looking forward to buying more products from Valyrian Steel and adding to my collection!"
Oct 13 2019, 15:35 PMby

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