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Welcome to Valyrian Steel. We are the officially licensed manufacturer for collectible prop replicas from Game of Thrones, House of the Dragon, and the books of George R.R. Martin.

We are transitioning to a new website, Jalic Blades and we recommend placing your purchase there. Going forward new products will only appear on the new website.

Location: Valyrian Steel \ Longclaw, Sword of Jon Snow, Damascus

Longclaw, Sword of Jon Snow, Damascus

Longclaw, Sword of Jon Snow, Damascus

 This is an official Game of Thrones® licensed product. 

Ned Stark's bastard son, Jon was raised at Winterfell on near-equal footing with his siblings. He joined the Night’s Watch where he serves as steward to Lord Commander Mormont. Despite his instincts to join Robb on the battlefield, he stayed up north to honor his vows to the Watch. While traveling beyond the Wall with the Lord Commander, he was separated from the rest of the group.
The Game of Thrones® Collection is a series of collectible weapons and armor painstakingly recreated from the actual props used on HBO®’s hit fantasy epic Game of Thrones®. The officially licensed collectibles are made from the highest quality materials and have been crafted with special attention to reproduce the authentic details found on the props. Each sword is serialized and is part of an overall limited edition of just 500 pieces. It will come with a wall mount and a certificate of authenticity.
This item is not a toy, please keep out of the reach of children. This replica sword is intended solely for display purposes as a collector's item. Official HBO Licensed Product © 2013 Home Box Office, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Game of Thrones is a trademark of Home Box Office, Inc. Produced under License by Jalic Inc.
Overall Length: 45"
Blade Length: 35"
Blade Material: High carbon damascus steel
Hilt: Genuine leather with antiqued metal wolf pommel
Plaque: Silkscreened Wood with Night's Watch Oath

READ THIS: LONGCLAW DAMASCUS IS SOLD OUT. This was a limited edition of 500 pcs and those 500 pcs are sold. We keep this page up as an archive. 


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Product Code: VS0106D
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Damascus Longclaw
"Hands down, the best sword I\\\'ve ever owned with over 40 in my collection. The craftsmanship is superb and also the weight distribution feels flawless with one hand or two. The design is obviously identical to the HBO series which is what i was looking for. Have bought 5 products from Valyrian Steel and will 100% purchase more replicas in the future."
Mar 07 2014, 07:30 AMby

"And now my watch begins..."
"I received my new HBO Game of Thrones Damascus Longclaw sword this week and I am beyond thrilled with my purchase. I was afraid I might not like the pommel on this version as I also own and love my book version of Longclaw. My fears took wing the moment I beheld this new sword in all its glory! The pommel is very well executed and painted/weathered perfectly. Then there is the Damascus steel blade! I was concerned after seeing some closeup shots of the prop in the show because the pattern on the prop is only visible down the fuller with the outer edges being highly polished. The original prototype for the Damascus steel version might not have addressed that, but the final product most certainly did! I wasn't even aware this effect could be achieved with modern Damascus steel, but they pulled it off! The blade edges on the production model I received retain the Damascus patterning, but they are polished such that it is far less distinct. Meanwhile, the pattern down the fuller (blood groove) retains the distinct dark, smoky coloration of Damascus and highlights the distinctive patterning as is the case with the prop sword. It is truly amazing and I could not be more pleased with the final product. I would highly recommend this sword and, in particular, this Damascus steel version to anyone interested in such things. Night has gathered, and now my watch begins!!!"
Mar 13 2014, 19:50 PMby

My 1st Sword
"This is my 1st Sword purchase ever and my second purchase from Valyrian Steel and Just Like me 1st Purchase (Hounds Helm) this piece just left me speechless. All I can say is Thank you Valyrian Steel. This Sword is great and the Pictures don't do it justice at all. The detail on the pommel is awesome and the Damascus steel work is great. The Sword is already mounted on my Wall and I'm very happy. Also just on a side note I'm in Australia and the Sword only took 1 week to get to me :D I'd give 10/5 stars if it was possible."
Mar 14 2014, 10:10 AMby

"This without a doubt better than the book edition of swords that I own from you guys, you really did an incredible job with this and can tell a huge difference with the Damascus steel and stainless. Best product yet, well done, can\'t wait for what you release next!"
Mar 14 2014, 17:08 PMby

"Just received Damascus Longclaw today. I have to say that after purchasing Ice I didn't really expect this product to top it. I was so wrong. I am one of the few people who strongly prefers HBO Longclaw to the book version (not to say that the latter isn't a nice piece). I understand that GRRM has a very specific picture in his head, but it unfortunately just doesn't translate that well into the physical world. Thanks to the prop masters working on the HBO show, we finally get something that remains fairly true to George's vision, while simultaneously giving it a more practical and believable real-world vibe. Very, very happy that the crew at VS was able to deliver yet another amazing product that was well worth the price of admission. On a final note, I think that the REAL damascus blade here beats the etching used on the show by a mile. No question. Truly a piece of art."
Mar 14 2014, 23:24 PMby

HBO Longclaw
"I was really exited to find this web site back in 2008 but when they released Longclaw it was not really how I expected the sword to look and could not justify spending $600 on the damascus version. The HBO version however is perfect and I could not be happier with my purchase. If you are reading this and are undecided wether or not to buy one, get one while you still can! Ian #87"
Mar 15 2014, 01:50 AMby

Valyrian knows something...
"Absolutely beautiful sword. I own six weapons so far from Valyrian steel and this sword won my top spot on day one. It looks like they literally yanked this out of Kit Harringtons scabbard and shipped it to me. I can't thank you guys enough for the effort you put into this sword. The balance is perfect. The look is spot on. Even the plaque is, by far, the best you've put out. To anyone who missed out on this I feel for you. This is as good as it gets as a Game of Thrones fan."
Apr 08 2014, 05:06 AMby

Great Replica
"This really is a nice reproduction of the HBO Longclaw, to have this sword is so good as the sword is getting some great screen time on Game of Thrones. As far as the finish of the sword i could not ask for any better, the Damascus patterning looks great and the wolf head pommel looks amazing. Great weighting and balance too. I do rather the HBO Ice Damascus though... Thanks again VS Cheers From Australia"
May 26 2014, 12:11 PMby

I am the sword in the dark
"This sword is amazing. I bought it not so much that it's a replica but that it's a damascus steel longsword. The blade looks beautiful and so doors the pommel. Both of which look better than in the picture. The only problem was it seemed ridiculously heavy, it's the heaviest sword I've ever held. Also it could've been designed better. Instead of high carbon damascus it should have been stainless damascus so it still had the pattern and edge retention but wouldn't have to be cleaned as much. Overall though great sword"
May 29 2014, 21:31 PMby

Words are wind...
"I wish I could write something in this little box that captures the magnificence of this piece. If you missed the chance to pick up this damascus version, and are serious about having Longclaw in your collection, please do not settle for the stainless steel version. Do whatever you must to get your hands on this beauty. Alas, you may not have mine."
May 30 2014, 15:17 PMby

"This sword is amazing - the best purchase I've ever made! The attention to detail is amazing; the quality, superb. VS even shipped it with the blade oiled and sealed - which speak volumes for the high standard they adhere to! Also, I live in Australia.. the sword took one week to reach me! If you're on the fence about purchasing from Valyrian Steel - go ahead and treat yourself! You won't regret it. These peices are true collector's items. 10/10"
Jun 04 2014, 13:46 PMby

Almost perfect
"Great item, nicely weighted/balanced. First buy from Valyrian Steel and am very pleased. Valyrian styled rippling is great. Minus 0.25 marks because the tip of the blade is curled up but that might be a problem due to the packaging/shipping and not the workmanship itself. Also purchased the scabbard which is beautiful. Overall; great purchase. Looking forward to Oathkeeper :D "
Jun 05 2014, 04:16 AMby

How good is this sword!
"My 3rd sword from Game of Thrones. Every time they exceed expectations and take pride of place on my wall. The only problem is once you get one you cannot stop adding to the collection. It was a present and glad they paid the extra for the Damascus version. Want to get Oathkeeper when it is released!"
Jun 12 2014, 13:16 PMby

Damascus Longclaw
"The photos do not do this sword justice. I am extremely happy to own #251."
Jun 13 2014, 05:47 AMby

My New Favorite Sword
"I love Ice but this is my new favorite sword. It is well balanced and the damascus steel is beautiful! It is solid and just feels good to hold. Great craftsmanship!"
Jun 21 2014, 14:16 PMby

Wow. Just wow.
"Honestly, I had never bought a sword before or anything like one, especially not a replica from a tv show/ book series mostly because I thought it 'nerdy' but then i found myself on Valyrian Steel's website and I looked at their products and knew I had to have one. Longclaw has always been my favorite sword from the show because of its sleekness and beauty. So I made sure to buy it before it sold out for good, and I'm just gonna say I didn't really know what I had just paid 600$ for and I was sort of having buyers remorse until this bad boy came in the mail. It is without a doubt the most bad *** thing I have ever bought. Even my friends think it's awesome, because, well it is. It's balanced well, feels absolutely real, the Damascus design seems authentic, and above all else the hilt and pommel are one of a kind and are awesome! So if these come available again don't think about it at all just click "add to cart" and you'll have something to show off and adore. Like I said at first I thought it was some nerdy knock off thing but it's the exact opposite! Valyrian Steel, you have gained a fan and hopefully I'll be back for products in the future"
Jun 28 2014, 16:29 PMby

Comment: Lord Snow #470
"Wow, just got mine today so lucky i found one in EU brand new in the box and im so happy. This sword is like the show a master piece. I now know that i am going to keep collecting from Valyrian steel. the Damascus is so amazing and it really feels like it\\\'s from the GoT world. If you can still find this version get it. I regret nothing and neither will you! The pictures does not do this puppy justice! I love you Valyrian Steel!"
Jan 08 2015, 19:07 PMby

Awesome sword
"I ordered this product from valyrian steel last year and am still happy with the product. I am lucky enough to have this sword mounted in my bedroom! The only downfall to this is every time someone comes over they want to touch it. The sword is amazing to look at, especially the finer details like the patterns on the blade. Identical to the prop on the show. The ONLY complaint I had about my purchase, was that the box my sword came in had a vertical slice all the way down the packaging, like a box cutter. Probably something that happened during postage or in the warehouse."
Jan 16 2015, 23:42 PMby

Comment: Wow I think I got lucky
"Ok so I didn't find this site out until right after this sword became sold out I have every other sword in Damascus except this one and the first one. When looking to find this sword the lowest price I found was $2,000.00 which I am not willing to pay and also made me very upset bc this sword is one of the nicest. So after several weeks of looking I was just about to stop searching but the other day I was bored and decided to look one more time:) Lucky for me I found a shop in London seeing this for retail (obviously with S&H and tax it would be more). I then found reviews on the shop and it appears to be legitimate. So for $810.00 i'm just waiting on receiving it. Hopefully all goes well once I get it I will add another review"
Apr 09 2015, 12:59 PMby

"So I had written a couple weeks ago about getting lucky of getting this sword for retail but was coming from the UK. So I received it today and I GOT LUCKY!!!!! #471 and it\'s awesome piece, both the scabbard and the sword came in the same day ironically. I scabbard I received from this site witch like many other pieces I received from this site its flawless. Back to the sword I am so glad I was able to get this piece in damascus. Now I\'m just waiting on 2 Oathkeepers I preordered."
Apr 14 2015, 03:00 AMby

A piece of art!
"Just got a Damascus Longclaw the other day and I can not stop looking at it. It is beautiful. A true piece of art. I will definitely but future items and I amm now saving for the scabbard."
Jul 03 2016, 19:39 PMby

Comment: The Two Swords
"I have one of the original Damascus Longclaws. I have just purchased one of the new Damascus Longclaws. It is amusing to me that it took the series to get the sword correct. The differences in the two swords is night and day. They finally got it right. "
Feb 28 2014, 05:17 AMby

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