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Welcome to Valyrian Steel. We are the officially licensed manufacturer for collectible prop replicas from Game of Thrones, House of the Dragon, and the books of George R.R. Martin.

We are transitioning to a new website, Jalic Blades and we recommend placing your purchase there. Going forward new products will only appear on the new website.

Location: Valyrian Steel \ Book Longclaw, Sword of Jon Snow

Book Longclaw, Sword of Jon Snow

Book Longclaw, Sword of Jon Snow

"All dwarfs may be bastards, yet not all bastards need be dwarfs."

This is the GRRM designed book longclaw, not the one from the TV show, find the show Longclaw elsewhere on our site. 

 About Longclaw

For five centuries the Valyrian steel sword Longclaw was carried by the Lords of Bear Island in the service of the Starks of Winterfell. Passed from father to son, the hand-and-a-half sword - called a bastard sword by the uncouth - had a great history while in their possession. That came to an end, however, when the last lord of the House, Jorah Mormont, was disgraced and fled Lord Stark's justice. Jorah went into exile, but left behind the sword which then found its way back to his father, Jeor, the Lord Commander of the Night's Watch.

Longclaw was kept out of sight, until the fateful night came when a wight - a dead man brought to life by creatures out of nightmarish legend - sought to throttle the Old Bear in his sleep. It was his steward, Jon Snow, and Snow's albino direwolf Ghost who rescued him by setting the wight ablaze. Though part of Lord Jeor's apartments were burned down following this, the fire would need to have burned a hundred times hotter to harm the blade that was forged in old Valyria before the Doom. The ancient silver bear's head pommel and the hilt was burned, but these were replaced at the Old Bear's command with something befitting Snow. Given the sword, now adorned with a wolf's head pommel, and the opportunity to rename it as a gift. Jon Snow responded that wolves have claws just as bears do, and kept the proud name as it was.

Sword Details

  • Blade: 39" stainless steel, etched pattern, 3 fullers.
  • Hilt: Cast metal with antique nickel plate. Genuine leather wrap.
  • Pommel: Powder coated metal with acrylic faux garnet eyes.
  • Plaque: Silkscreened fiber board. Includes mounting hardware.

 This is the exclusive officially licensed Longclaw, Sword of Jon Snow, from "A Song of Ice and Fire." This is the SECOND EDITION of this item. The first edition was 2500 pcs and included George R.R. Martin's autograph, was released in 2008, and sold out years ago. This SECOND EDITION is unnumbered and does not include his autograph. It still includes the plaque and the COA, it is only unnumbered and unsigned.  

This item is not a toy. Please keep out of the reach of children.


This item is currently on Backorder and will ship when it is avalible.


About Valyrian Steel ®

The Valyrian Steel ® Collection is a series of weapons and arms created from the fantasy world of author George R.R. martin's best selling book series "A Song of Ice and Fire". Each limited edition entry in this collection is made of only the highest quality materials available with special attention made to the finish and detailing. Based on Mr. Martin's meticulously detailed notes and descriptions, the design of each piece reflects the rich characters and history of his magnificent saga.

Longclaw was featured on The Big Bang Theory episode titled The Russian Rocket Experiment on CBS Oct 13th 2011. Click the link to watch the episode.

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Extremely Satisfying
"Whether you're a fan of George R. R. Martin or just had the thought "Who is that guy?" run through your head reading this, Longclaw is a wonderful sword. No matter who you are, you have to be amazed by Valyrian Steel's attention to detail with this thing. The ripples from being folded are just as I imagined them, and the finish is great too. Like Rebecca, I too am now a lifelong customer."
Jan 06 2009, 07:10 AMby

Looks Fantastic
"The sword looks great, and Valyrian is a good company who effectively communicates with their customers. I hung it on the wall with the plaque (included) next to the certificate (Signed by GRRM) and it makes me smile when walking through the room. It looks exactly as I imagined it in the books, and for the price it is a great replica blade. Can't wait for the next ones, needle in high carbon is something to be exited about and Ice is sure to be magnificent. Get your Ice & Fire blades here folks!"
Jan 06 2009, 22:29 PMby

"The sword is amazing I was sooo excited when I received it, only think that made me mad was Fedex didnt require a signature and left this baby outside in the cold for someone to steal, luckly I had someone watching for it and put it in my house when it arrived or I would have been super pissed :) Other than that, I cant wait for the next sword :)"
Jan 06 2009, 05:27 AMby

Perfection in sword form
"The title pretty much speaks for its self, the sword is wonderful, I can't wait to get my hands on the next one. The ripple finish is great."
Jan 05 2009, 00:35 AMby

Very pleased customer!
"Longclaw is absolutely amazing! The attention to detail is outstanding, and the finish on the blade is superb looking. I can't praise this sword enough, and I have to admit that Valyrian Steel now has a lifelong customer -- the next pieces in the series are a must have for this fan."
Jan 05 2009, 12:32 PMby

Very nice!
"This is my first replica sword and I have to say that I am thoroughly impressed. The attention to detail is great, the plaque is awesome and it looks fantastic hanging on my wall. I hope the rest of the Song of Ice and Fire blades and crafted with the same attention to detail. Keep it up Valyrian Steel!!"
Jan 13 2009, 02:22 AMby

Wonderful Blade!
"I am very happy with the overall quality of this blade! The detail is awesome & it has a nice heft. It is a fine & accurate copy based on the description in the books & the quality of the sword really needs to be seen & held to be believed. Shipping was fast & reasonable. I cannot wait to purchase Ice & hang it up with the rest of my swords..."
Jan 23 2009, 04:57 AMby

Couldn't be happier
"Great sword, nice plaque. I was very happy to find that even though I was included in the International Orders shipment, I still recieved number 0320 which is fairly low. It's nice to know that they kept their word and randomized shipments. I'm also very pleased with the wolfs head, it is very obviously not stone, BUT there are 0 casting lines any where on the sword. I have a 400 dollar sword from another company with multiple cast lines. I also have a hand forged claymore that ran around 600 that is usable for SCCA and such that is vastly inferior in detail compared to Longclaw. I couldn't be happier, and am enthusiasticly awaiting the next bit of steel."
Jan 23 2009, 15:08 PMby

Great Sword
"The sword is amazing to look at and feels great in the hand. The plaque also looks great and the sword hangers are much superior to some sword hangers although they are pssibly too clse together making lifting the sword out difficult. Otherwise the sword is great and gets full marks from me and i thoroughly look forward to future swords."
Jan 28 2009, 18:45 PMby

Imposing Piece
"I don't know much about swords. I know I like to read about them, but never handled one in real life. Let me tell you.....This piece is heavy! The blade enlightens you to the athleticism needed to be proficient wielding that much steel. Kudos, Jon Snow! The entire package is superb.... Plaque, COA, etched numbering. I have #0074! But the greatest qualities about this sword are the little things. The sound of the Leather wrap while gripping the hilt. The ringing steel when mounting/unmounting from the plaque. The great balance of weight in your hand. All these things I've read about but never understood until now. Thanks all at Valyrian Steel. Thanks G R.R. Martin. "
Jan 29 2009, 18:02 PMby

a true bastard sword
"i just got longclaw in the mail and it is just like i thought it would be's a great sword thank u"
Jan 31 2009, 17:03 PMby

An outstanding creation
"I'd like to state that this is the first sword I've ever purchased, and can hence make no comparisons. I can tell you, however, that this is a marvelous piece of craftsmanship. It now hangs proudly on my wall, and everyone I know is interested in seeing it. It excelled my expectations, and for the price, there is hardly anything that can compare in terms of quality. I wish Valyrian Steel and Jalic success in their future endeavours, and I intend to contribute to it with their future products. If you're hesitating, don't. You can only be satisfied with Longclaw."
Feb 07 2009, 22:46 PMby

outstanding sword from an outstanding company
"I pre ordered this sword waaaaay back when they first allowed it to be preordered and had to make myself forget about it for a little while as they worked through the art, preproduction, manufacturing, and shipping phases of creating it so I could bare the wait for this masterpiece. But when the time came, I was updated by Valyrian Steel that the swords had shipped, emailed with my tracking number, and sure enough, it was on my doorstep before the year ended just as they had promised. The quality of the sword is outstanding. I show piece only, for sure, but well crafted and balanced, and shipped with both an amazing wall mount and a certificate of authenticity signed by George R R Martin. Fantastic piece, Fantastic buying experience, Fantastic Company. I cannot wait until the next release. "
Feb 08 2009, 13:01 PMby

Better than a Heron-Marked Blade...
"It was either this or a Heron-Marked blade of Wheel of Time fame, as a Birthday present. The very cool etching in the steel really adds to the feel and look, making this something very different from any other display sword I have seen. If you are a GRRM fan or just a fan of fantasy weaponry in general, this is a MUST HAVE! -jh"
Feb 09 2009, 07:53 AMby

"OMG! This is what I said when i opened the box containing Longclaw. I thought it was beautyful even watchin it on photos. But now i think it's even better! Textures on the blade are awesome. The blade results dark as i always imagined valyrian steel. Nothing else to say. Looking forward for Ice and Oathkeeper. Bye (sorry for my bad english)"
Feb 16 2009, 17:12 PMby

Its what you want
"Its more than you want it to be. I don’t know much about swords. I thought it was going to be a lot less impressive than it is. Its now hanging in my family’s sitting room. Those of my family that have read the books love it and it is and it is a reminder of how important the storyline is to them, not just John Snow, but the whole of a song of ice and fire. Those who havn’t read the books are promised to read it in the near future, from the enthusiasm brought up from conversation from the sword, and the family pressure on what they're missing out on. I feel attached to this sword. Its now a part of the family."
Apr 18 2009, 01:57 AMby

Comment: Service consultant
"Just received my sword, It looks great has a perfect feel in the hand. <br /> <br /> I have no commlants what so ever with service or on sword.<br /> <br /> Yall did a excelent job, Keep making them cause you just got a lifetime customer.<br />"
Feb 19 2009, 19:50 PMby

Most beautiful gift I've given myself...
"Without a doubt, well worth the wait. I saw this waaaaaaaaay back when it was still a prototype & finally broke down & ordered it. Received it today #880. This is the most beautiful awesome blade a girl could ever dream of!!!!!!!!"
Feb 20 2009, 06:05 AMby

so very happy
"Proud owner of #49."
May 27 2009, 21:38 PMby

"I just got my Longclaw today and this is my first Knightly sword. And it is amazing. I love it. If you are a fan of Ice and Fire or a fan of Jon Snow you NEED this sword on your wall."
Apr 23 2009, 00:49 AMby

Great quality sword!
"I'm staying anonymous, because the sword is going to be a gift, and I don't want to give it away. I'm not sure what number is on the sword. I forget to check before putting it away in it's hiding place. It is GORGEOUS. The quality is above and beyond what I expected. I understand why the certificate was not numbered - human error could make that a little tangly. I don't mind numbering it myself! Needle next year? I think so!"
Nov 10 2009, 18:51 PMby

Unbelievable and Helps Bring More Realism to the Story
"I just received #635 in the mail today for my christmas present and I must say that this sword is beautiful. I've been a life-long lover of all things fantasy and medieval. I have always dreamed of owning an actual sword and armor and with this sword I have taken the first step in fulfilling those dreams. Now onto the sword itself. The blade is very nice and I love the "etchings." The pommel is leather and is wrapped very nicely. The hilt is sweet as well. And the wolf's head is very detailed and I absolutely love the eyes of the wolf. The only complaint is that the wolf's head is possibly a little too big (but no biggie there). The balance of the blade is nicely done as well. When I saw the actual length of the blade, I was worried that it might be a little flimsy, but it feels nice in my hand and I must say that I am extremely impressed. Valyrian, you have made a customer for life with me and I plan on getting other blades that you complete. I am very happy that this is the first sword in my collection."
Dec 01 2009, 18:04 PMby

"really cool (and shipped without incidences to spain)"
Jun 19 2009, 18:36 PMby

Absolutely Beautiful
"Just opened the box about 10min ago. Very impressed to say the least. I can't wait to get my hands on needle,since Arya Stark is my favourite character ! The packaging is awesome, very classy looking. Definitely worth preserving all by itself .(to Valyrian steel) Here's hoping you get good sales and are able to continue the series. Just be patient because alot of people are not even aware you exist. I'll try to spread the word. It's my first sword and I love it. Canadian customers be prepared to pay an extra 40$ due to a customs charge. Oh it's worth it!!! Proud owner of #406...yipppppeeee"
Jun 24 2009, 00:58 AMby

Comment: Awesome Sword
"Everything about it is excellent.Glad I bought one.Awaiting the next model"
Sep 09 2009, 20:32 PMby

Really fine blade
"Really good swordcraft, blade, grip, balance, everything is great, the only thing I do not like that much is wolf's head, which is, by my opinion too big. Everything else is on the highest level. And by the way, shipped very fast (three weeks) and without any shipping problems (with standard shipping) in Montenegro"
Aug 07 2009, 16:05 PMby

Great Sword
"Just got my sword in this week and I gotta say its beautiful. It looks great mounted on the wall and brings great memories to asoiaf. I guess I got lucky with the random numbers and got a really low rare number 4. Which happends to be my favorite number, anyways thanks for a great product."
Jan 14 2010, 03:15 AMby

Wow what an awesome sword!
"Slight mix up in my order but customer service was very polite in sorting it all out so an extra star on top of the 5 I am giving this sword. I just got it today and it is amazing! It is better then I imagined after reading all these good reviews. I can't believe how big it is, 50 inches in total length, and its heavy. It feels like a real sword other then its not sharpened. I couldn't imagine using it in battle and not being tired after swinging it a few times. I'm not exactally a small guy either. I recieved #600 and the number is on the back of the sword so it doesn't really matter if its on the certificate or not. It's great to finally get this after waiting 2 weeks. I can finish A Storm of Swords now :). Im about half whay through and stopped on a Jon Snow chapter when I ordered this. Anyways, the sword is really well made you won't be disapointed. My only regret is that I didn't order the damascus version :(. Oh well, I'm looking forward to the damascus version of Ice."
May 10 2010, 23:20 PMby

"I got my sword a while back it just took me a little longer to write this review. First of all i love this sword, its great. The only thing i would like to point out is if you are interested in this sword and you choose to pay through regular mail, then be prepared to wait a while. It took about two months until my mail got delivered to Valyrian Steel (from western Europe). Just take that into consideration when you order because i didn't know how long it will take and went almost crazy from the anticipation. The sword itself is really great, i especially like the hilt with the wolf head pommel and the cross-guard. I was expecting the lines on the blade would be diagonal so it would have the "dripping blood" effect but i like it this way too. Overall i really love this sword. Its verry well made, it brings the story of ASOIAF in your every day life and it looks great on the wall. Win-win-win."
Sep 28 2010, 01:31 AMby

Winter Has Come
"A stunning blade of impeccable craftsmanship. Though thinner at the edge than most replicas I've encountered, the blade wobbles not at all. The smoky finish of the steel evokes Martin's imagery of old Valyria's legendary craftsmanship perfectly, and the wolf's head pommel caps a gorgeous piece."
Dec 03 2010, 04:09 AMby

Good looking blade
"It is alot larger than I pictured it. The blade is nearly the width of my hand by the cross-guard, and tapers to what I would expect the width of a hand-and a-half sword should be. I also think that the wolf's head pommel is real sharp. This is going to make a great gift to a friend of mine for Yule. And I intend to also preorder Ice once I get a few more oaychecks under me."
Nov 15 2010, 15:33 PMby

It is wonderful!
"I received my Longclaw #1385 today and it is awesome! The Wolf pommel is well shaped and flawless. The grip looks and feels good. The valyrian steel effect on the blade looks good and makes it original to anything I have. I'm thinking of hanging it in my living room and I will be keeping my Ice pre-order. Two things that need fix are that the serial number is not written or typed on the certificate (even though there is a specific spot printed for it) and the word "China" is printed on the blade (backside, near the serial number and trademark stuff)."
Mar 31 2011, 02:08 AMby

"Just recieved Longclaw #1703 today and am very impressed. It is alot bigger than I had imangined it to be and the blade is beautiful with the triple fuller and I can't praise the wolf pommel enough!! The grip surprised me also with how soft and high quality it was. Great work and this will make a great addition to my collection. Looking forward to collecting whatever else you my come up with."
Apr 13 2011, 22:42 PMby

John Snow's sword
"Love it !!!"
Jun 11 2011, 03:49 AMby

Great Looking!
"Item arrived quickly and looks great! I'm very happy with the sword and packaging. Now I just need to figure out where to hang it..."
Jun 17 2011, 05:45 AMby

Great Sword!!
"I just recieved this sword yesterday, and it's a nice piece of work, especially given the price. It's heavier and bigger than I imagined, but that's a good thing! I will definitely be purchasing Ice soon, as well as Needle, and any other weapon that comes through the pipeline."
Jun 22 2011, 14:14 PMby

Comment: Awesome
"Sword #1175 came in the mail. A little bit heavier than I expected, but not in a bad way. It's awesome."
Jun 18 2011, 00:12 AMby

Comment: So Excited!!
"Just received today, so excited!! I am very sad I know!! Opened box and was not disappointed, brilliant, very very pleased, it is a gift for my son and I know he will love it, thank you."
Jun 23 2011, 15:45 PMby

"Just un-boxed Longclaw #583, and Valyrian Steel has done an amazing job with it, this sword is definitely a piece of art! Can't wait to see what it looks like mounted on the wall in my room! Will be ordering Ice, and Needle very soon :) My only gripe is that the C.O.D charge was a little higher than I expected it to be ($85). But I guess that's to be expected when importing goods, especially when it's a sword :p"
Jun 29 2011, 19:51 PMby

Amazing piece of art
"Don't think of this just as a sword - it's as fine a work of art as any sculpture, painting or photo hanging on my wall. The attention to detail is fantastic, and it's an impressive display in every respect. Thank you Valyrian Steel!"
Jul 07 2011, 20:40 PMby

Awesome Sword
"Just got #87 in Nova Scotia,Canada. It took about 8 days to arrive and 12 days to recieve it (a mix up at post office). It is everything I thought it would be, The wolf head is imo the best part. Trying to decide if I should buy ice or wait and see what oathkeeper looks like."
Jul 26 2011, 15:31 PMby

Got Longclaw for my birthday
"My husband presented me with Longclaw this afternoon for my birthday. It was a great gift and I love it."
Jul 10 2011, 22:48 PMby

A perfect work of art
"I just got my #85 all the way in New Zealand a week after purchasing it. I received it in the morning and it proved detrimental to my punctual arrival at work. The quality of the product is nothing short of amazing: It's heavy, and feels incredibly solid to hold. (Albeit a little wobbly, but emphases on a little.) This is definitely going on a wall to be displayed proudly. :)"
Jul 26 2011, 12:58 PMby

A very happy customer
"I have been a reader of Mr. Martin for a number of years and have greatly enjoyed his "A Song of Ice and Fire" series. I was excited when the HBO series came out, hoping the best and for once that hope was well rewarded. My father and I ended up sharing the HBO series and he became enamored of Martin's Universe of the deadly, beautiful, profane and divine. Last week I ordered Longclaw as a birthday present for him as he not only identified with the character of Jon Snow, but also has great affection for wolves. It arrived today and is in pristine condition, I'm sure in just the way that it shipped. No hassle, no fuss and I feel quite sure that if there had been any problem that the folks @ Valyrian Steel would've come to the rescue. I am more then pleased with this purchase and will certainly procure further swords from here. Thank you very much for making this a special birthday for us all."
Jul 18 2011, 18:46 PMby

"just got mine in the mail price is a little high,but i love it thanks so much"
Jul 29 2011, 23:09 PMby

Everything that I hoped for
"Yesterday my Longclaw #0088 arrived in New Zealand. Unboxed it immediately and shared it around the office. Everybody, especially myself, was stunned a how 'real' it felt. This is not your typical display sword. The weight is tremendous, the quality of the construction immaculate. The wolf's head pommel is the crowning glory. The feeling of wrapping my hands around Longclaw's leather grip for the first time will be a memory that I cherish for years to come. Thank you Valerian Steel!"
Jul 29 2011, 18:45 PMby

An Honor
"My Longclaw, number 595, was delivered today, a birthday gift from my son who introduced me to George R. R. Martin and A Song of Ice and Fire. I am humbled to be an owner of this extraordinary piece of art, representing the finest traditions of honor and strength. The craftsmanship is outstanding, the heft and feel is powerful and awe-inspiring. This is a piece that anyone would be proud to own and display, whether or not they were familiar with its background and story. Well done, Valyrian Steel!"
Jul 18 2011, 20:17 PMby

"Thats exactly what I am, My sword, Longclaw 1038 just arrived at my home, and I am totaly in love with it, even with the UPS shipment I choose(which was expensive since I live in Sweden) it was worth every cent of it. I love this sword! Thank you Valrian Steel"
Aug 01 2011, 21:55 PMby

"Got mine today (england) #351 and when i opened it i was speechless, the wolfs head is perfect the whole sword is perfect i am very pleased with the quality and the service at valarian steel i will be purchasing ice and needle next and cant wait for robrts hammer!! thanks valerian steel"
Aug 10 2011, 19:21 PMby

"Sword is beyond beautiful. All the picture gazing never prepares you for when you see it with your own eyes and heft it with your own hands. Craftmanship is excellent, to the Valyrian etchings, crossguard, leather wrapping, and the wolf's head. Ornate for a bastard, but the plaque serves for how honorable of a blade it proudly displays. Would have paid a little bit more for a sheath and baldric from Valyrian if offered. Really makes you feel that when Winter comes, you'll be ready for it."
Aug 11 2011, 02:38 AMby

"I received #1149 on August 10, 2011. The sword exceeded my expectation. It is beautifully crafted and looks great on my wall! I love the details and the etchings on the blade. Looks pretty much what I had imagined the sword to look like. I'll definitely purchase another sword from Valyrian Steel in the future!"
Aug 13 2011, 23:10 PMby

"I received my #0228 on August 19th. I was very excited for this sword and in all honestly it was far better than I expected. To be honest I have never owned a sword before though many of my friends do. Compared to those they bought, this product was much much better. The overall quality is much higher and it shows. Seeing this sword up close is far better than any picture. The craftsmanship of the wolf's head just adds so much to the sword and the careful attention that was put into the blade itself is magnificent. I am completely satisfied and would recommend this sword to collectors or fans of the novels or television series."
Aug 20 2011, 05:04 AMby

Perfect VS0001
"I just received my #0001 Long Claw. After reading all the reviews and looking at the pictures over and over again all I can say is that it is AMAZING... the craftsmanship on the sword is excellent. I was pleasantly surprised to find out I got #0001 after all this time the sword´s been out there. It just makes it even more special and the perfect start of my collection. Thank you Valyrian Steel."
Sep 02 2011, 04:25 AMby

Even Better Than I Expected!
"I was a little dubious as to how Longclaw would look in "person" once I received it but I was pleasantly surprised. I like that it has somewhat of an edge to it, though just blunt enough to slip easily through customs in Australia. My first impression is that it's huge! I expected it to be relatively big but pictures don't do it justice. The tang is about 1-2cm wider than I thought viewing photos online and when stood upright the pommel comes nearly to my sternum (I'm 6' 4"), which is definitely in line with the descriptions of it being necessarily slung on Jon's back in the book. The wolf head pommel was another pleasant surprise, I had read descriptions of it being "too plasticky" but whatever material it is made of seems to resemble stone, quite like alabaster and the detail is great. It's rather heavy to lift, everyone around my office had their hands shaking while trying to hold it out. I got a brief moment of accidental sword combat when one of our admins was having a look at it without paying attention to me and swung it about 20cm past where my neck would have been was I not paying attention and leant back...being on the end of that I can say it's terrifying enough to scare off home invaders though I wouldn't recommend it :p. #169 is a fine piece and I would certainly recommend it to any fan of the series or books whom are interested. At this price for the apparent quality it seems a bargain to me, even after paying $90USD to have it shipped over here. The only improvements I think could be made are to the red eyes on the pommel and by including a scabbard but for what you pay you certainly couldn't expect more, in fact I was expecting a lot less and would have been happy had it only met my expectations."
Sep 20 2011, 04:32 AMby

"Beautiful sword! I received mine as a gift today and am absolutely thrilled with it. I own a few other swords but none of them compare in attractiveness to this."
Sep 23 2011, 02:42 AMby

Awesome, but slight flaw!
"Just received #170 today! Sword looks and feels amazing. My only major disappointment was that part of the hilt was loose and pulled right off. I'm going to pick up some metal adhesive from a local hobby shop and should be able to fix it up no problem (Shipping took forever due to Customs and I don't want to deal with that again). I haven't seen any other reviews stating anyone else has had this issue so I assume it's a one off but still a bit of a sad surprise. Also, thought the typo on the box and certificate of "Passed from father to son, the the hand... was a bit odd bit it didn't put me off from the sword in the slightest."
Sep 24 2011, 02:02 AMby

"I received #0671 last night as a gift from my girlfriend. It's awesome from hilt to tip! Looks amazing on my wall with the mounting plaque, which itself is a work of art. The one thing that I think keeps it from being perfect, and this has been mentioned before, is that the blade is a bit thinner than I expected. I don't feel that this is a major flaw, however; more like myself nitpicking. I definitely plan on purchasing more Valyrian Steel swords in the future!"
Oct 04 2011, 15:22 PMby

"This got here so fast I didn't even have time to intercept the mail before my wife found it. Much larger then i expected and the quality is excellent. The plaque is perfect as well and there was an empty screw on the wall just waiting for it. Even the wife was impressed when I took it out because her protestss were half- hearted. Wait until she sees Ice Damascus which I am about to order next!"
Nov 05 2011, 18:36 PMby

"Apart from the leather grip being slightly loose (if anyone else has this problem, leave the sword in the bathroom while you have a very steamy shower, as the moisture will help to tighten the leather) my new impressively well made Longclaw has terrified my room mate and made me the envy of every Song of Ice and Fire enthusiast I know. Thanks Valyrian Steel. Hope you guys end up making Viserys' sword! "
Oct 24 2011, 10:07 AMby

Comment: streetsman
"You mean OUR sward, Sheldon? Don't forget I even saved us 40 bucks!"
Oct 14 2011, 20:44 PMby

longclaw #393
"Just got the other day longclaw stainless steel version #393...all is fine quality and looks great..Thanks for the sword. (Good to know i'm not some kinda camp follower geek type i got this "before" it showed on big bang theory..heh!"
Oct 16 2011, 07:04 AMby

I love it!
"The sword (#1690) is absolutely beautiful! Much bigger and heavier than I was expecting but it's not a problem. I haven't found the perfect wall space to hang it yet, so for now it leans against my desk. Sometimes I just sit and stare at it. Yeah, it's that good!"
Oct 26 2011, 01:03 AMby

Simply put: Incredible!!!!
"Got mine Friday and it is amazing. Definitely worth it.Sword is nice long and heavy, and the ripple effect looks awesome.Now I just need the money for Ice!"
Oct 31 2011, 23:27 PMby

"WOW ! Just received Longclaw after only a week of waiting in France, and the sword is really great. Much heavier than I thought, I'm not sure that my wall is strong enough ! I'm gonna have to find a way... Thanks again. Night gathers and now my watch begins... (I wanted to put 5 STARS OF COURSE ! Sorry)"
Oct 28 2011, 09:42 AMby

Comment: #0667
"I got my Longclaw #0667 recently and everyone who saw it was impressed to the point of wanting their picture taken with it. Now just waiting for my Damascus Ice to arrive."
Nov 18 2011, 15:55 PMby

"Just got Longclaw #166. Already have Ice, which is beautiful, but Longclaw is truly a work of art. Absolutely bloody incredible!"
Nov 14 2011, 10:01 AMby

Winter had Arrived!!
"Just received my #1488 Longclaw and it is awesome!! The rippling effect is great, it is nice and sturdy, and the leather grip is solid. The pommel with Ghost on top is stellar and looks fierce from across the room. Definitely worth the investment. Thanks Valyrian Steel for making an awesome product. Now I just need to find someone to buy me a scabbard for the holidays!!"
Nov 28 2011, 18:56 PMby

Love this !!
"My favorite characters in the books and the show..... Longclaw #1479 and Ice #0900"
Dec 23 2011, 05:11 AMby

"Lonclaw #1298 has reached Germany :) It is amazing. Let`s hunt some White Walkers."
Dec 15 2011, 08:23 AMby

Thank You Valyrian Steel
"Proud owner of #1517! Longclaw is truly fantastic seriously please by the ripple effect, and the pommel is very well designed. This is definitely not a toy and has already slain a Whitewalker lamp so yes be careful if you have to swing it."
Dec 08 2011, 16:28 PMby

"I received my #2386 Longclaw in Spain a few days ago, and it's just AMAZING! It's so cool that I feel ready to take the black right now!! I am very pleased with the sword and the service. Thank you very much!"
Dec 15 2011, 21:56 PMby

"Received Longclaw #1355 today and it is a truely magnificient reproduction. I also commend the excellent service and really prompt shipping. I'm hooked guys!"
Dec 20 2011, 03:34 AMby

"Woke up on Christmas morning, watched my family open gifts, & was enjoying a great Christmas when my wife-already the GREATEST WIFE ON EARTH before this mind you-tells me she forgot one gift in our car. I got the keys and headed out in the cold. When I saw the box my first thought was "Oh great, it must be a weed eater or some other garden tool.." I brought the long rectangular box in and started to unwrap it when I saw "Valyrian Steel" on the box and instantly went crazier than my 4 year old when SHE opened her gifts!!! WOW, is all I can say! I got #1599 and ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!! The detail & craftsmanship are second to none, and it really does have the "feel" of exactly what I'd imagined this sword to feel like! What an amazing gift & what an amazing wife!! Thank You angel! LOVE IT!!"
Dec 27 2011, 03:22 AMby

A Great Start!
"Got Longclaw as a gift from my fiancé for the holidays. Best gift ever. It's simply beautiful. The wolf's head and its red eyes are my favorite feature. Holding it is empowering. I definitely plan on adding to my Valyrian Steel collection in the future, and can't wait to see what other weapons you guys come up with. And, of course....Winter is Coming, and I couldn't be happier!"
Dec 27 2011, 04:54 AMby

"I was totally blown away by this sword. Only found out about Valyrian Steel by accident. I saw Longclaw in the series and immediately googled Longclaw replica and arrived here. When it arrived I was stunned! The detail in the blade is beautiful and better than the show thanks to it being more of a vision from the books. The hilt is well put together and the pommel is fantastic. The red eyes in the pommel are a fantastic touch. If you are wondering if you should by this sword, stop and just buy it. "
Jan 02 2012, 20:46 PMby

"I got Longclaw #1341 as a Christmas present! I love it, Everything on it is perfect, I just need to mount it on my wall now! If I can scrape the money together I will definitely try to buy the rest of the swords! I love Jon Snow! First thing I'm going to do with this sword is stab Bowen Marsh!!!"
Jan 01 2012, 22:29 PMby

Absolutely Stunning (#0066)
"I got my Longclaw this evening (#0066), and was totally amazed! Looks beautiful, feels beautiful would definately buy another if the wife would allow it! Thanks!"
Jan 04 2012, 00:27 AMby

Comment: The Best Blade in the Dark
"very cool #1890 chiming in! Im ready for Oathkeeper, bring it on."
Jan 06 2012, 00:58 AMby

Looks great on my Wall
"Received the sword from my wife as an x-mas present. We are both huge fans of the show and the books. I had no idea what she ordered but when i opened it i can only describe the feeling like i was one of those kids in a youtube vid where they open up a nintendo on x-mas morning. Looks great on my wall too"
Jan 18 2012, 15:32 PMby

"I have just recieved my "1525" Longclaw today (England, London) had to pay customs duty, Import VAT with parcel force, but Im more than happy with the Sword, it looks awesome, a highly detailed and well made sword, much bigger than i inspected!! but will look so good up on its mount next to the rest of my sword collection. the only small thing is its a shame it does not come with a scabbard! but even so, im still very impressed Thank you very much"
Jan 10 2012, 16:52 PMby

Winter has comed
"Just recieved my "1536" longclaw, totally leggendary! And the best part is that, we had a fairly warm winter season here in northern italy this year, but the same day as my sword is delivered a cold front of polar air comes and kicks the °T below zero... I guess for me the winter has truly come and now, off to the workshop to build a scabbard!"
Jan 17 2012, 14:25 PMby

"Thank you so much, this year Ihad a stroke at 35, my wife left, lost custody of my child, and my grandmother died. With this sword my son, who I now share, knighted me. As a father I am his protector, from where Longclaw hangs you can sense a family heirloom that I will I've my son one day. Valerian Steel and Mr. Martin made this a year of turn around for me. I can't thank you enough! It has given me the confidence to write again through the pain. May God bless each and every one of you, You could not have made a better product. You all should be so proud."
Jan 30 2012, 15:27 PMby

"Received my longclaw 0542! This is my first sword purchase, and I couldn't be happier! Looks amazing, feels great, and adds a level of bada$$ to my wall. Good job dudes!"
Feb 08 2012, 01:54 AMby

"Great quality sword, very happy with my purchase. Longclaw Sword #369"
Feb 04 2012, 22:39 PMby

"my longclaw just arrived today, and what a spectacular piece of work! I am thoroughly impressed by it! It cost a little extra money to get it into Alberta, but definitely worth it!"
Feb 29 2012, 04:02 AMby

"Just recieved my Longclaw and it is awesome, to think i have an official part of the saga of books that I love is a great feeling! Its more than worth the money! Im from Brazil and it arrived in 20 days! Long live George R. R. Martin and my number 0466 Longclaw!"
Feb 02 2012, 19:51 PMby

Longclaw #482
"Thanks so much for this terrific sword! Very well crafted, love the Direwolf head too! Great job, looking forward to other sword of Valyrian steel!"
Feb 09 2012, 22:03 PMby

"I just received this sword and it is beautiful. Great craftsmanship. Just an amazing piece. A work of art."
Feb 14 2012, 06:47 AMby

Longclaw #1958
"I just recived this today and am overwhelmed with it. I can not think of a better sword to start a collection with Than this one."
Feb 21 2012, 04:15 AMby

Comment: =D Fantastic Sword
"Esta espada é linda, moro no Brasil e comprei no dia 02 e chegou hoje em casa. Muito organizada e linda!"
Feb 28 2012, 20:38 PMby

Excellent product, stunning
"Well, what can I say that has not been said already. This sword is amazing. My first sword I have ever owned and I am very happy this particular one was my first purchase. I'm wondering, is there a way to put more of an edge on it? The tip of the blade is somewhat blunted. Though I won't be using it as a weapon, I would still like to sharpen the tip a bit."
Mar 07 2012, 21:55 PMby

Longclaw 928
"Longclaw just arrived today. After reading all the good reviews I decided to order it and I can say I'm impressed! Great craftsmanship on hilt, pommel, and blade. The pictures really do not do it justice. The blade really does "sing" as you swing it with no rattle at all. Overall solidly built great work Valyrian,now all I need is some armour. Excited for the hounds helm. NOTE: For my fellow Canadians be prepared to pay extra for customs. I payed Ups basic to Toronto, but had an additional $54 C.O.D. Charge. Still well worth it for the price Valyrian you just made another lifetime customer once I save up the cash :)"
Mar 06 2012, 00:33 AMby

Simply phenomenal
"No words or pictures can describe how awesome the sword is. Bigger and better than I ever expected. Simply phenomenal."
Mar 12 2012, 18:57 PMby

"Received Longclaw 1603. It is great and shipped so quickly. Very impressed."
Mar 14 2012, 22:49 PMby

Best Sword EVAR!
"I received my 0117 Longclaw yesterday and I am absolutely thrilled with it! It arrived much, MUCH earlier than I was expecting (6 days shipping!) and I didn't have to pay any extra customs or whatnot. My only complaint is that the leather on the hilt is more ornamental than functional; it slips a bit with usage (not tight to the hilt), I'm afraid of tearing it so no playing with the sword! I'm quite the nerdy amateur photographer and I'm editing a little video I made of the sword and its first mounting on the plaque on my wall, I'll post a link when I get it up on youtube! Very quality product!!"
Mar 16 2012, 03:47 AMby

Comment: Quest complete
"Oh boy, that was a difficult quest. Elite monsters like incompetent German border customs or credit cards that won't get accepted by american banks, while my bank tells me that "everythings fine". But thanks to Valyrian Steel, their patience and help, everything turned out great. I would give more than 5 stars if only I could. The sword itself is amazing, just like everyone said already."
Mar 15 2012, 20:25 PMby

Longclaw #120
"I live in France, just received it, and love it. Five Stars for the sword and Valyrian Steel."
Mar 20 2012, 12:51 PMby

"beautifully crafted blade, strong and sturdy you can tell no expense was made making it. It was definitely worth every last penny of my pay check. Thank you Valyrian steel "
May 16 2012, 14:24 PMby

"I just received number 1432 and it is awesome I love it!!!!"
Apr 04 2012, 17:59 PMby

Longclaw #1916
"Received the sword today in the U.K. had an extra £30 to pay on customs here but I was expecting more so wasn't a shock. The Sword itself is of great quality and the help from Valyrian Steel was flawless, quick and knowledgeable support. Would of been perfect had the certificate of authenticity been filled in with the edition number. Other than that, absolutely perfect."
Apr 04 2012, 20:29 PMby

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