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Welcome to Valyrian Steel. We are the officially licensed manufacturer for collectible prop replicas from Game of Thrones, House of the Dragon, and the books of George R.R. Martin.

We are transitioning to a new website, Jalic Blades and we recommend placing your purchase there. Going forward new products will only appear on the new website.

Location: Valyrian Steel \ Longclaw Sword of Jon Snow

Longclaw Sword of Jon Snow

Longclaw Sword of Jon Snow
 This is an official Game of Thrones® licensed product. 

Ned Stark's bastard son, Jon was raised at Winterfell on near-equal footing with his siblings. He joined the Night’s Watch where he serves as steward to Lord Commander Mormont. Despite his instincts to join Robb on the battlefield, he stayed up north to honor his vows to the Watch. While traveling beyond the Wall with the Lord Commander, he was separated from the rest of the group.
The Game of Thrones® Collection is a series of collectible weapons and armor painstakingly recreated from the actual props used on HBO®’s hit fantasy epic Game of Thrones®. The officially licensed collectibles are made from the highest quality materials and have been crafted with special attention to reproduce the authentic details found on the props.  Each sword is serialized and will come with a wall mount and a certificate of authenticity.
This item is not a toy, please keep out of the reach of children. This replica sword is intended solely for display purposes as a collector's item. Official HBO Licensed Product © 2013 Home Box Office, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Game of Thrones is a trademark of Home Box Office, Inc. Produced under License by Jalic Inc.
Overall Length: 45"
Blade Length: 35"
Blade Material: Stainless steel
Hilt: Genuine leather with antiqued metal wolf pommel
Plaque: Silkscreened Wood with Night's Watch Oath

Payment Information:

We accept Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, or Discover. We also accept checks and money orders through the mail or Western Union. While checking out you will have the option of choosing credit card payment or a mail-in payment to finalize your order. 

Longclaw is currently is stock.

Shipping Information:

For domestic purchases we offer the full range of UPS shipping options, prices will be provided during checkout. For international customers to some destinations we offer regular mail shipping (2-4 weeks typically) or UPS shipping options that are faster, to other destinations the only options are UPS, and to some destinations we cannot ship at all.

All international customers are advised to read this page prior to placing their order. 



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Wow.. #231
"Just received my Longclaw sword (#231)! This is the best late Christmas present I could ever ask for! The detail on the Direwolf Head is phenomenal. You could tell they took their time on these Swords. This thing weighs close to 10 pounds and is as real as it gets. The Nights Watch plaque that you hang the Sword on is also very nice. I can't wait to get this baby mounted on my wall. I purchased the Nights Watch Dagger in the past and will continue to buy from Valyrian Steel in the future!"
Mar 11 2014, 12:00 PMby

"Finally got mine (#10). It took ages to clear customs but it was well worth the wait. It feels solid and it is beautifully made. Its going to look great hanging on my wall. The wolf head pommel looks much better in real life than any of the pictures or videos I have seen. Not decided what my next acquisition will be but will go for a Damascus version."
Mar 26 2014, 20:52 PMby

"Just got mine (#9) today and was 100% worth the wait, my first order from Valyrian Steel but not my last. Super impressed cant wait to add a (to avoid spoilers) lion headed one to the collection!"
Mar 11 2014, 21:28 PMby

Pay the Gold Price!
"I recieved my sword in the mail about two days ago, and I love it. The craftsmanship is beyond compare, and is the nicest sword/replica I own. After recieving it, I really wished I would have ordered the damascus since valyrian steel has a very particular look, as mentioned in the books and show. Thus I have decided to purchase the damascus version as well as the scabbard to complete the collection. These swords do the kings justice! Can't wait to see you guys make Oathkeeper!"
Mar 13 2014, 19:14 PMby

Winner, Winner Chicken Dinner!
"My buddy got this for me as a Christmas gift and I had no idea until it showed up what it was. The wait was absolutely worth it and if you ordered this, you'll be blown away. I was immediately impressed upon opening the box and inspecting the sword. The pommel is beautiful with the wolf's head. The blade itself looks nice and the weight of the sword and the balance is top notch. The real leather is an incredibly nice touch and it feels great in your hand. If you could own one Game of Thrones prop, Longclaw should be that piece. The only issue, now I feel like dropping the cash to get the Damascus version haha."
Mar 17 2014, 08:31 AMby

Amazing Sword!
"This Longclaw is immaculate! The wolf head looks and feels amazing, there is so much detail in put it. The pommel feels great and is very sturdy, and the blade is crafted perfectly. Overall the sword is very balanced and I am very impressed! The plaque is the best in my collection, I love the Night’s Watch Oath on it. I have Book “Ice”, and “King Roberts War Hammer” from VS already, I love both of them, but I believe the craftsmanship on this Longclaw has taken it to a new level."
Mar 18 2014, 20:55 PMby

High Quality
"I got my Longclaw sword (#209) a couple days ago and I love it. The details on the wolf head are great. It's longer and heavier than I expected. I really wish the blade was sharpened, but VS isn't allowed to do that so I can't complain."
Mar 27 2014, 05:54 AMby

"Finally I have received my Longclaw and let me just say it was worth the wait! Amazing quality, loving the plaque it comes with too! Definitely wont be my last purchase from Valyrian Steel. Hoping to see Oathkeeper and The Red Vipers spear eventually."
Mar 24 2014, 18:28 PMby

"Waited for it for long and it was well worth it. Longclaw (#839) is longer than i expected and not as heavy, the blade is gorgeous and really shiny (very pointy as well) But the handle is really the best thing, the leather feels really good to the touch and the wolf pommel is perfect, escpecially the red eyes, glowing whenever there's light on them. Not to forget the plaque, really classy. Really awesome stuff!"
Mar 29 2014, 15:45 PMby

Wolves have claws too...
"Just got my stainless Longclaw for my birthday! Absolutely another great sword from Valyrian Steel."
May 17 2014, 16:17 PMby

Was worth the preorder wait
"Worth every penny."
Apr 08 2014, 03:49 AMby

Proud Owner!
"Received my longclaw as a birthday present yesterday, and could not be more pleased. The sword comes in a good quality printed box,which wasn't expected. The sword itself, wow, a thing of great beauty to look at and feels fantastic in terms of build quality. The plaque was easy to assemble and completes a very elegant look on my wall. Would recommend to anyone that's interested."
Apr 21 2014, 09:57 AMby

Brilliant! #283
"Over the moon! I ordered this with a preorder of the scabbard and so happy I didn\'t have to wait to get them together. It feels amazing, Looks great on my wall and framed the letter of authenticity next to it. Brilliant conversation starter and the envy of my friends! Would have loved to got the Damascus but a bit expensive for me. My only niggle is a scuff on the top of the pommel from the packaging but considering it came via air mail, it\'s perfectly acceptable. There\'s a bit of visible glue from the pommel too but you don\'t notice it when it\'s hung up. Not my last order and I\'d recommend Valyrian steel any time! Got my eye on Ice next!"
Apr 16 2014, 21:38 PMby

Awesome awesome awesome
"Just got mine today literally coolest thing I've ever purchased i bet the Damascus version is cool but man if you're on the fence cause you cant get that one buy this now so cool"
May 22 2014, 22:42 PMby

"just got Longclaw very nice will order Ice soon just a awesome sword very well done"
May 28 2014, 14:15 PMby

Amazing Sword!
"I just received my sword today! I am still as excited now as I was when it arrived about 8 hours ago. It looks great on my loft with the rest of my Game of Thrones collectables. The sword itself is crafted very well, it is not overly heavy, it\'s very solid from the tip of the blade to the end of the hilt. It is not sharpened but it could still cut something or someone so take care when displaying it. The tip is very sharp and can easily break skin. Very high quality sword, my first in what is going to be a large collection! I think Needle is next up!"
May 30 2014, 07:49 AMby

Awesome, Totally worth it
"I just got my longclaw (1399) and scabbard and let me feel you, it's freaking awesome. I am a student and a fan of the series, and I do not regret spending all of my extra money on this. I hope to get rob Starks sword and scabbard, Ice, and Roberts warm hammer! Great detail and the feel of it is great. A must buy."
Jun 13 2014, 17:18 PMby

Life = complete
"I have now got Robert's Warhammer and Longclaw and Wow oh wow, I can honestly say that my life is complete and I will be forever happy. That is, until Oberyn's Spear comes out :D Immensely Awesome Job and thank you for keeping thousands of nerds happy with your products Valyrian Steel :)"
Jul 07 2014, 09:29 AMby

phenominal sword
"We carry several hundred different swords and this is one of the best quality I have seen. Very well made, looks great, this is one that should be in every collectors collection."
Aug 20 2014, 19:17 PMby

And now my watch begins.
"I just received my Longclaw sword of Jon Snow in the mail after a very short waiting period (6 days including international shipping) I am very impressed with the sword the only criticism I have of it is that the direwolf pummel has flaked off a little bit of paint during the shopping process. Apart from that it is perfect! Thanks Valyrian steel I will be making more purchases in future."
Aug 29 2014, 05:33 AMby

aw yiss
"finally got mine, couldn\'t be more happier. excellent work, and pretty helpful assistance. i should add one little detail about delivery for turkey; they actually CAN process it at customs but they don\'t take risks. so, you REALLY should know somebody there to help you. best wishes."
Sep 22 2014, 23:37 PMby

Flawless Like Usual
"Another great product from Valyrian Steel."
Nov 04 2014, 01:54 AMby

"This sword (#730) really is a great piece of work. From the leather on the hilt to the craftsmanship of the pommel, everything about this is on point. And lets not forget about the plaque that it came with, the black satin with the oath of the night\'s watch is a really nice finishing piece. Longclaw looks amazing, feels amazing and is one of my prized possessions. An awesome Christmas present from my parents."
Nov 13 2014, 03:10 AMby

A must have!
"I received my sword after only 7 days (posted to the UK) and words can't describe how beautiful this sword really is. Both the sword and plaque hang beautifully on my wall next to Ice and the detail is amazing! I have no regrets in buying this sword as any GOT fan must have one. I won't hesitate to buy from Valyrian Steel in the future as their service can not be faulted! Thanks!"
Dec 13 2014, 21:58 PMby

A must have!
"I received my sword after only 7 days (posted to the UK) and words can't describe how beautiful this sword really is. Both the sword and plaque hang beautifully on my wall next to Ice and the detail is amazing! I have no regrets in buying this sword as any GOT fan must have one. I won't hesitate to buy from Valyrian Steel in the future as their service can not be faulted! Thanks!"
Dec 13 2014, 22:01 PMby

Absolutely Perfect
"Amazing customer service. You get updates on product status and location through e-mail, which really makes you feel very informed. Faster shipping than expected. Might be a bit pricey for some people but this sword is worth it. The quality is very nice and it comes with the plaque, a certificate of authenticity, and mounts to hang it on the wall with. Very impressed. Lovely detail on the Longclaw."
Dec 14 2014, 14:10 PMby

"Received Longclaw as a gift. It's fantastic. Well made. Need to purchase scabbard now!"
Dec 28 2014, 21:07 PMby

An honorary gift
"This sword screams prestine and delicacy. As soon as I saw it I knew I had to buy it!"
Jan 07 2015, 11:33 AMby

LongClaw Awesomeness!
"I decided to get this sword for my boyfriend this Christmas. The shipping was really fast! I ordered it on a Saturday and by the following Tuesday I had it delivered. The box was bigger then I expected but it wasn't as heavy. I received #2601, arghh so close to a 2600! I wasn't able to see it until he opened it on Christmas and once he did it was WOW! the sword is absolutely wonderful! The edges of the sword aren't sharp so you can run your hand along the blade though the tip is very sharp so be careful pointing that around. The wolf is beautiful! it does have a slight opening in the mouth though which cant be seen in the photos which caught me off by surprise. The handle is very durable and you can tell the craftsmanship that was put into this. I prefer the HBO Longclaw rather then the book version, it seems more authentic because the books sword, the wolf just looks too kiddie.Im very content with my purchase and I hope to make more purchases in the future, thank you Valyrian Steel for making such wonderful swords!"
Jan 03 2015, 19:21 PMby

Excellent Sword
"Received my Longclaw sword (#3271) 2 weeks ago from a UK supplier and I could not be happier. It is the best purchase I have ever made and was amazed at the care and detail put into this sword. I will cherish this for many years (hopefully for ever) and won\'t hesitate to consider buying other Valyrian steel products. Top notch!!"
Jan 27 2015, 20:54 PMby

Best. Sword. Ever.
"#3549 My boyfriend and I are diehard fans of ASOIAF. I got this for him as an anniversary present. HE IS BESIDE HIMSELF. The sheen on this blade is incredible. It\'s heavy but rather balanced. The hilt and cross guard are exceptional. That wolf head pommel is a work of art. I\'m going to save up for Ice because this site is perfect. Got the sword in 4 business days even with regular shipping to Hawaii! Thanks guys and if anyone has any doubts put them aside because you will LOVE this sword."
Jan 27 2015, 22:10 PMby

Just epic
"My Longclaw came in today and I am just thrilled. Despite the fact it was so pricey because I live in Canada and currency exchange and shipping was costly, the sword is shining and perfect. The scabbard I ordered as well is just the perfect icing on the cake. The piece is beatiful and finely crafted with not an error at all. Jeor Mormont would be proud. It has a fantastic weight to it and will look very epic on my wall. Love the care to make sure both certificates weren't crushed or wrinkled, as they came in crisp and fine condition. Great work from VS on this one. This will definitely not be the last thing I buy from them! The night may be dark and full of terrors, but here we stand, with winter coming."
Mar 17 2015, 00:23 AMby

Great Customer Service
"The sword is great. Although I had some issues, they were quickly resolved. I am looking forward to buying from valyrian steel in the future."
Apr 01 2015, 00:19 AMby

Outstanding Replica
"My First Weapons Collection, Very IMPRESSIVE Replica, Can't wait to get Oathkeeper, and James'Sword."
Apr 02 2015, 07:52 AMby

Comment: Beautiful sword #106
"I got this sword as a birthday present from my girlfriend the first year we were together. Both of us loved Game of Thrones and she knew that I had been wanting to start a sword collection for quite a while. She made an amazing and perfect choice! As has been previously stated, the pictures do not do this sword justice, it is very sturdy and a beautifully crafted piece. I would highly recommend it for any game of thrones fan, I also bought the matching scabbard and that too is amazing. I will definitely be a repeat buyer from Valyrian steel."
May 19 2015, 08:40 AMby

And mine are long and sharp my Lord, as long and sharp as yours...
"Just got my Longclaw (#3818) shipped from the U.S to Australia in just 6 days with the expedited shipping. I am very impressed by the workmanship and quality of the blade but most of all the wolf's head pommel is what sets it apart from other swords. The red eyes can catch and reflect even the smallest amount of light and gives it the appearance as if it has back light inside the pommel. I am sure that I will be buying many more swords from Valerian Steel!"
May 16 2015, 03:49 AMby

Amazing Purchase!
"I just received my longclaw sword today and all I can say is it's amazing! Fantastic quality and worth every penny. The craftsmanship is what really stands out and the direwolf handle is phenomenal. It now has pride of place on my wall and I can't wait till payday to make my next purchase. By Cassie from Britain"
May 23 2015, 16:05 PMby

Perfect for any GoT fan!
"My order was just delivered today and when I opened the box it took my breath away. The sword is beautifully crafted and the detail is amazing. Even the box it came in is too cool to throw away! It's a large sword and has some good weight to it. The certificate of authenticity is just as cool. The parchment it was printed on is like it came from Westeros itself. I will definitely order from this site again. I want to collect all the swords/daggers/hammer..etc. I cannot get over the amazing quality!"
Jun 02 2015, 17:35 PMby

Awesome Quality
"I just bought Longclaw (#1820) secondhand, and I must say I am extremely impressed and pleased with the quality of this item. I have been wanting to purchase from Valyrian Steel, and now with a Longclaw on my wall I will surely make additional purchases. The blade is straight and true with no blemishing, and the pommel has an amazing amount of detail, if a bit too much weathering. Overall I am extremely happy and proud to now own a Valyrian Steel piece of art!"
Jun 03 2015, 00:20 AMby

Comment: awesome..
"Just received the one I acquired for my brother and I am rly impressed with the weight of the blade the handle definitely isn't leather"
Jun 06 2015, 01:36 AMby

This is amazing
"Great material,fantastic finish and great value,the perfect weapon to protect your virginity"
Jun 08 2015, 21:58 PMby

Truly an amazing product!
"I purchased this sword as a gift for my boyfriend. I was nervous at first because I had never purchased from this website before and to be honest seeing nothing but good reviews about this product kind of made me think that\'s all the website was going to show or something. I ordered it anyways and was truly blown away by how neat this product is. First of all, shipping was great. It was on my doorstep in less than a week! The packaging was beautiful, the sword was beautiful, and most importantly my boyfriend absolutely loved it. I would definitely purchase from this website again."
Jun 10 2015, 17:16 PMby

"Arrived yesterday, quickly dispatched but held up by customs in UK for a few days, no fault of UPS or VS. Quality is unbelievable, especially with the scabbard it is very impressive. Has a good weight and feels nicely balanced. The dire wolf pommel looks fantastic too, everything arrived in perfect condition. Longclaw has a long history within the lore of ASOIAF so if you were to have any item to commemorate the story this is the one to get."
Jun 17 2015, 07:20 AMby

"Longclaw…. The attention to detail is sooo good, the wolf pommel is beautiful and its red eyes really make the sword! The plaque looks lovely too and both are finished to a high standard! :) Delivery…. Ordered – 6th June 2015 (sat evening) Dispatched – 8th June 2015 Delivered – 16th June 2015 by UPS Really good and fast delivery to UK, was expecting 2-2.5 weeks, but came much quicker than we thought!!! Overall couldn’t ask for better and can’t wait for my next sword to come! :) xx "
Jun 17 2015, 11:33 AMby

Awesome Piece!!!
"The sword, plaque, certificate are as other descriptions just flawless very impressive! To me what I appreciated the most being all the way in Australia was the service that went hand in hand just as great as the item! The communication between Valyrian Steel was very prompt and professional before I made the purchase asking necessary questions that mattered to me. Only taking 6 days to reach OZ I was just as impressed. What a great job the team does to ensure a brilliant system they have going. I will definitely be looking to purchase more and can guarantee a top notch company! Well done! Thank You!!"
Jul 09 2015, 07:46 AMby

"Amazing craft men's ship and quality. Defiantly a repeat customer"
Jul 17 2015, 06:34 AMby

Can I command the nights watch now?
"This sword is beautiful. The people over at Valyrian steel have done a great job. Almost everything is perfect. Minus the slightly Asque pummel. And it is almost unnoticeable even when looking at it Head on. Other wise so worth the pay. It was shipped and packaged nicely, and quickly. My certificate of authenticity was in perfect condition. And the mount was perfect as well. If they make Oberyn martels spear I will definitely buy that if it is as sturdy as the sword. Considering how fun it is to swing. Over all 5star would recommend, go on and make your friends hate you with jealousy. (#4179)"
Jul 19 2015, 06:58 AMby

#106, Love it!
"Received #106 about a week ago, the shipping time was incredible as I ordered it on Sunday and it was delivered by Thursday afternoon of the same week. As for the sword itself, I am extremely pleased with it, as the detailing of the handle and wolf head are incredible. I had to wait a long time before I could order longclaw, but the wait was well worth the final product received. Thank you Valyrian Steel! Now I just need to wait for Ice to be back in stock! :D VS Note: you didn't receive 106. Longclaw is item number VS0106, that is the sKU."
Aug 27 2015, 03:41 AMby

"I just received my Longclaw and could not be more pleased, this is my first sword And I'm blown away by it. The plaque flawless and unique. The weight of the sword is way more than what you would think. The picture on this website does not do the swords detail justice, the pommel steals all attention away from the rest of the sword due to its extreme detail, and handle are very well done. In person this sword is an Indentical replica to the one on the show, on only issue with the sword is that the pommel is off centered by a hair, but unless you look for a flaw you cannot see it. Over this is a fantastic peace on memorabilia to own, and compared to the others, it is the cheapest as well."
Oct 30 2015, 22:18 PMby

Long term Longclaw
"I've had Longclaw for a while now and while its not Damascus steel it is amazing to own. I've recently gained a shield with my family coat of arms on it and once I rearrange some things on my wall I'll put my shield over the sword on the wall. It looks fantastic. If anyone can do the same, do."
Dec 17 2015, 14:50 PMby

Great Job!!
"This is so great!!! the work on the sword... the details, is really awesome, plus the attention was great, they help me alot in the delivery and i know all the time in what step was the delivery till i got that, really advisable this site and all ppl that work in here, i will still buyin here ofc cuz it is great, 5 star, the best.-"
Dec 21 2015, 16:57 PMby

The name works for a wolf as well...
"Amazing weight and balance. A beautiful sword. I will definitely buy more. I hope the book Oathkeeper is still going to be released. Any thoughts on a Tyrion Axe? Thank you!"
Feb 03 2016, 20:04 PMby

"I ordered this Sunday night with regular shipping, and the package arrived at my door on Wednesday, which is remarkable, their customer service is just second to none. The product itself looks utterly brilliant, identical to the series and everything feels like the best of quality, they truly did an outstanding job. Overall, this product and Valyrian Steel\'s craftsmanship and customer service was the best I\'ve ever dealt with, truly amazing work guys, keep it up."
Feb 04 2016, 17:39 PMby

Such a badass piece
"I was blown away when I opened up the box and saw longclaw. Looks and feels like the real deal. Once they got them back in stock it was delivered in less than a week. The wall mount is pretty dope also. Now if you'll excuse me I gotta go shove it up Ramsay's bunghole."
Feb 05 2016, 14:57 PMby

Great display sword
"This is a great display piece - well-crafted and worthy of the Night's Watch! Just a note to UK buyers - Customs Duty was almost £40 and they also wanted photographic proof that the blade is not curved before they'd release it for delivery (not sure why they didn't open it and have a look, but clearly UK laws don't allow curved blades for some bizarre reason!). Valyrian Steel offer a great service and posted the sword the same day as the order. Perfect!"
Apr 04 2016, 17:19 PMby

Bloody awesome
"This has got to be the best replica I have ever laid eyes on the detail is amazing, I love this piece and am so pleased I purchased this awesome item, thank you George .r.r. Martin for this work of art."
May 03 2016, 09:27 AMby

"Received my Longclaw sword in the mail today and I was like a kid on Christmas morning ripping that box open! Sword is beyond beautiful and so much more than I could ever hope for! I absolutely can not wait to hang this beauty in my living room! Will absolutely do business with this company again! I even had issues in check out so I contacted them on Facebook and they were able to help me very quickly! Thank you so much I am one happy camper!"
May 05 2016, 05:06 AMby

Very satisfied!
"Just got my Longclaw and its magnificent! And very quick shipping too! Will definitely be buying form you again Valyrian Steel!!"
May 17 2016, 03:29 AMby

Comment: Jon sword OMG beautiful
"I just received the sword it is OMG wonderful. It came to England and there was no damages. Which is a big surprise as it a me from such a distance. I will absolutely be buying one for myself as the first one was a gift to my husband... amazing work on it thank you so much.."
May 19 2016, 09:09 AMby

"Even though they said it was on back order i received it in 2 weeks and it was well worth the wait. Best item i ever ordered weaponry wise. Could not be more pleased"
May 31 2016, 22:58 PMby

Langcliffe sword of jon snow
"Wow oh wow this sword is amazing received this today and let me tell yu it was worth the wait.Thankyou valyrian for yet another great item from game of thrones franchise,if yur in any doubt in buying this item don't be it's so worth every penny the only thing yu hav to take into account is the customs charges but personally that wouldn't stop me buying more merchandise from this company"
Jun 11 2016, 13:10 PMby

"Received my Longclaw (#8155) as a gift last week. Very swift delivery from the USA to the UK. Quality is excellent. The Sword and plaque came well packaged and in perfect condition. The sword itself is impressive, in finish, size and weight. The eyes of the Direwolf gleam brilliantly and the whole piece has an air of quality workmanship about it. Would recommend."
Jun 15 2016, 20:45 PMby

"There's no words.. high quality, great craftsmanship I feel like jon snow ..nany thanks for the customers service for the great work .."
Jun 24 2016, 20:12 PMby

"I love this sowrd it feels great and looks just like the one from the show."
Jun 27 2016, 14:45 PMby

Absolutely amazing
"Was tossing up whether or not to purchase this, decided to take a chance and ordered, was amazed at the speed of the shipping (under 2 weeks to Australia) and the quality is astonishing, was worth every cent, all my friends and family are jealous and can't wait to purchase their own items! will definitely be purchasing with VS again!"
Jun 28 2016, 13:22 PMby

cant say enough
Jul 15 2016, 19:01 PMby

"I got Longclaw a few weeks ago and i am VERY impressed with the quality and materials that are put into the Lomgclaw swords. This is my third sword in my collection and without a doubt my favourite out of them all. This sword goes perfect with my Jon Snow costume. Would have been much better if the price was a bit lower especially the shipping to Canada but overal great collectors item."
Aug 02 2016, 15:58 PMby

Incredible quality at an incredible price
"It's simply amazing. I can't believe this thing only costs $250. The blade, crossguard and pommel are very high quality, but the wolf's head in particular stands out; it's just perfect. The sword is heavy, with a very solid construction that feels great in the hand. The wall plaque is also way cooler than it has any right to be. My only complaint about the sword itself is of the leather on the handle. It's a little soft and thin, and I've noticed that holding the sword too long can sort of loosen it up and make it seem as though it's slipping off. This isn't really a big issue, and the website clearly states it's a display piece only, but it's something to keep in mind if you take it off the wall for a few swings. The ordering process was a breeze, and Valyrian Steel obviously cares about their customers - from tracking the package to prompt replies from the company itself, I felt very much appreciated during the whole process. I have the Catspaw Blade already, and I will without a doubt be ordering from Valyrian Steel again. I've got my eye on the Longclaw scabbard and Ice (and Heartsbane, whenever that is released). I give Longclaw a perfect score. The Smith and the Warrior would be proud."
Aug 04 2016, 18:52 PMby

"Just received my Longclaw from Valyrian Steel a week after returning from Ireland where we walk in the path of Jon Snow on many filming locations and I'm still feeling like living in the GoT universe. That sword is awesome, so beautifully crafted and fitting it's scabbard perfectly. It's a fan dream, totally worth the price (even french customs taxes)!"
Jul 23 2016, 14:21 PMby

This is the sword you are looking for
"It took about 10 days to arrive, that is a very fast shipping. Totally worth the price even adding the shipping costs to the European Union. Let's fight against the White Walkers"
Aug 11 2016, 10:50 AMby

First purchase, more to come!
"I've been contemplating buying a Sword from Valyrian Steel for years. When Longclaw came back after Christmas, I knew I had to finally buy one. I just got the sword today and I love it. It's perfectly made and an exact replica. I was so pleased with it, I just ordered the scabbard too. I can't wait to show this baby off when friends come over. I will absolutely purchase more items from Valyrian Steel. I hope they make a replica of Dawn, because I'll buy that sword in a heartbeat!"
Jan 12 2017, 01:21 AMby

"When I told my mum I had bought a couple hundred pound sword she was pissed and thought I had spent my money on a piece of cheaply made, cynical cash-grab shite. Even she was impressed with it\'s quality when it arrived, and took it all back. (well, if she didn\'t, I\'d have her fucking head with my new badass sword) The craftsmanship on this piece is fantastic. The pommel in particular is stunningly intricate. The plaque is really sturdy and they didn\'t cheap out on it at all. Even the knobs to hold the sword are bronze with a nice little pattern on the ends. In my hand the sword feels incredibly heavy. I don\'t know what I was expecting really, but it truly feels like I\'m holding Longclaw. And when I\'m not, it looks great mounted up on the wall with the ominous words of the Nights Watch Oath as it\'s backdrop. I\'ll definitely be picking up more of these stunning swords now that I\'ve seen the quality of this one. Worth the price and I highly recommend it. Cheers guys! "
Jan 12 2017, 03:46 AMby

Longclaw #11957
"I got this for my birthday! Best gift ever! It arrived quicker than I thought, and I found absolutely no flaws. I will most definitely be purchasing from Valyrian Steel in the future. This piece will go lovely with the rest of my Game of Thrones collection. I can't wait to add to it!"
Mar 01 2017, 21:46 PMby

High Quality, 10/10
"Just amazing. I received this as a early Father's Day gift, and it is one of the best gifts I've received. Beautifully hand crafted, the sword is perfection. From the detail of the wolf all the way to the balance it poses, amazing. Couldn't have found a better sword anywhere else. Blew me away, amazing job you guys. Will definitely buy the scabbard and more from here."
May 02 2017, 13:29 PMby

Great Piece! In love!
"I wish i ordered this sooner but I totally love this! Very well made and for sure worth it if your a big GOT fan. Now all i have to get is the Scabbard to complete my Jon Snow costume!"
Jun 25 2017, 05:55 AMby

"Just like everyone before me, I was skeptical about dropping such a hefty chunk of change on this sword. That quickly changed once i received it and opened it. This sword is absolutely beautiful. If you\'re thinking about buying it, just do it!"
Jun 28 2017, 01:04 AMby

"I don\'t even have it and I am already impressed! would definitely buy!!!"
Aug 03 2017, 01:26 AMby

Finally! Perfection!
"Im in love! Probably my new favorite sword in my collection! Came in on standard delivery in 5 days and its so beautiful! All game of thrones fans must have! If you buy Longclaw, getting the scabbard is a must! 5 Stars!"
Jul 15 2017, 00:37 AMby

Very Pleased
"I have just received my Longclaw today and let me just say that it's everthing I had imagined it to be. Very well built and no defects whatsoever. I was a little sceptical about ordering from overseas as I live in Scotland (The Real North lol) as I thought I'd have a bomb to pay in customs tax but no. Thanks to Valyrian Steel they only put the shipping price on the box so that's the only fee needed to be paid. I will definitely be ordering from these guys again and I just hope that my next purchases come intact like this."
Aug 18 2017, 20:49 PMby

LONGCLAW is AWESOME just like Jon Snow!
"Received Longclaw last week and just opened the box. It is beautiful. So excited to display it. Thank you"
Sep 04 2017, 01:39 AMby

"Amazing! I was so happy with this sword that I immediately bought Ice which Im confident will be just as beautifully constructed. Have already recommended Valyrian Steel to several friends."
Sep 06 2017, 14:15 PMby

"Just got mine, #13303, Its realy impressive, detail on wolfhead 5/5. So awesome to my mancave hanging next to tv. Wooden Plaque allso rly nicely detailet. Only little bummer was other sowrds hanging hooks spiral of the screw was little off and the screw didnt fully tighten, but fixed rly quikly with my spiral maker. Still fully 5 stars! :) Shipment was allso rly fast to Finland, only little over a week. Pasi From Finland"
Sep 11 2017, 17:15 PMby

"The Longclaw sword is huge, heavy and high quality. I ordered it as a Christmas gift for my husband, and we are both very happy with it! I will definitely order from this site again."
Dec 21 2017, 13:08 PMby

"Got my Longclaw in the mail and I am amazed at the quality! It will look very good hanging next to my Ice! The service and the people were amazing to work with also!! Very friendly and helpful!"
Dec 22 2017, 15:54 PMby

Excellent Replica
"Bought Longclaw for my brother for Christmas, and I'm very impressed with the product. The price seems very good for the quality of craftsmanship you get from it. Highly recommend this for fans of the series."
Dec 25 2017, 20:27 PMby

"Simply stunning, words cannot describe the amazing details of this replica. Will definitely be buying ice next. This is truly a sword worthy of the King In the North."
Dec 26 2017, 02:54 AMby

Love it!
"Just received my Longclaw sword. Love how detailed the wolf pommel is. Only issue is the plaque got a little dinged up but its nothing a little black paint can't fix."
Jan 07 2018, 16:34 PMby

"I received longclaw yesterday and it is amazing, it’s even better than I expected. The plaque and so sword are just so cool, I’m still in shock. I will definitely be getting ice soon!"
Jan 10 2018, 16:56 PMby

Very Nice!
"I was on the fence about ordering this sword for over a year. Worked some OT and said screw it I am ordering. Best decision I have made in a while. Looks beautiful mounted on the wall in my office. Now I have a tingling to get Ice and Needle to go next to it. Very well made sword. I will be shopping here again soon."
Feb 20 2018, 05:17 AMby

Everything I hoped for!
"I am in awe! I am a massive game of thrones fan and this is my favorite collectible item I own! The picture displayed does not do it justice. It is simply amazing and made of extremely high quality. I have it mounted for display and I can’t keep my eyes off of it. It feels great to hold and very heavy. If you’re thinking about buying this, just do it. I promise you it is worth it. I plan on buying more from Valyrian steel. I think my next will either be Arya’s needle, or Joffrey/Tommen/Jaime widows wail. But to some this review up, Longclaw is a MUST BUY!!!"
Mar 18 2018, 06:06 AMby

My proudest Possesion
"I ordered Longclaw during christmas 2017 and recieved it mid january 2018, which i thought was amazing considering the backorder and christmas rush. I decided to wait a few months before writing a review because i wanted to see if it held up in the long run. Hanging on the wall is not exactly The Battle of Bastards, but i can assure you that it is holding up nicely. No loose bits, still shiny as ever. I am mighty impressed by this sword, it is definitely my proudest possesion."
Mar 24 2018, 21:03 PMby

"So glad to have Longclaw in our collection! We got so excited opening the shipping box and seeing how fantastic everything is, from the product box all the way to now sitting and looking at it on the wall. Such a beautiful sword, and such craftsmanship! The blade is amazingly thick, and the wolf\\\'s head is perfect. This one is the wife\\\'s new favorite, and went up right next to the Dragon Glass dagger! Love li!"
Mar 25 2018, 22:57 PMby

Longclaw/ Valyrian Steel
"I have to say that I was worried that the blade was going to be flimsy and weak since it is made of stainless steel. But once I received it and held it in my hands I could have not been more impressed and amazed by this sword. It has a great weight to it and it is certainly very sturdy and strong. The leather work on the handle is just amazing and the pommel is well detailed and an impressive piece of art. Even the guard piece is beautiful, over all this sword is a work of art and fun to have."
Apr 06 2018, 01:55 AMby

"My dog doesnt bit me anymore, let me tell you"
Dec 30 2018, 01:23 AMby

Just as described! A+
"Just received today! The box was beat up a little from shipping but the actual sword was in a fortress of foam protection! The sword is well constructed and very beautiful, I have ordered more swords and I’m glad I did! Recommend it to any fan! Thank you!"
May 11 2019, 20:11 PMby

Greatest company
"I ordered all the way from South Africa and it arrived here in less than a week Awesome service thank you valryian steel"
Jun 19 2019, 17:08 PMby

My first sword
"The first sword I ever bought was a Longclaw replica from this site, and I love it. Very well made. It's heavy, but not unwieldy. Not disappointed at all."
Jun 13 2019, 20:30 PMby

"Love the look and feel of it, but the pommel on mine faces slightly to the left- just enough to make the sword asymmetrical. So as happy as I am to have Longclaw I\'m also pretty choked about that obvious visual flaw."
Mar 21 2014, 16:53 PMby

great wall hanger
"My Longclaw was delivered a few days ago. As far as wall hangers go, this sword is as gorgeous as swords get. The blade is polished better than it looks in the picture, the plaque is very well done, and the red eyes in the pommel seem to glow red with even the smallest amount of light and are much more pronounced than they appear in the pictures on this site. It only gets 4 stars from me due to the fact that it's not battle ready. In fact, it isn't even "swing around your living room a little bit" ready. Just holding the sword you can feel then entire handle/blade union flex just by slightly shaking it. It's not loose and doesn't rattle, but it definitely feels flimsy. Other swords like the 300 sword from Windlass, all Hobbit/LotR swords from United Cutlery, and the Wallace Sword from Ritter steel all feel much more solid. I didn't expect it to be a functional cutter like my Ronin Dojo Pro katana, but you should be able to handle a $250 sword without it feeling like the thing is going to fly apart."
Mar 18 2014, 17:29 PMby

Comment: Perfect.
"Received my Longclaw and was so happy to see the beautiful detail put into it. The blade and pommel are absolutely stunning. Only quam is after removing the plaque I noticed a big box cutter scratch down the length of it, a little disappointing but hopefully a replacement can be organised. Otherwise a perfect product!"
Jun 08 2014, 23:51 PMby

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