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Welcome to Valyrian Steel. We are the officially licensed manufacturer for collectible prop replicas from Game of Thrones, House of the Dragon, and the books of George R.R. Martin.

We are transitioning to a new website, Jalic Blades and we recommend placing your purchase there. Going forward new products will only appear on the new website.

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Ice, Sword of Eddard Stark

Ice, Sword of Eddard Stark

The book edition Ice is permanently sold out. We will keep this page up as an archive.  This item was officially licensed from the A Song of Ice and Fire book series and designed with the author George R.R. Martin. It predates the television series and is since permanently sold out. If you're interested in the television series of Ice, please see here.


"If you would take a man's life, you owe it to him to look into his eyes and hear his final words. And if you can not do that, then perhaps the man does not deserve to die."

There were questions asked and answers given there in the chill of morning, but afterward Bran could not recall much of what had been said. Finally his lord father gave a command, and two of his guardsmen dragged the ragged man to the ironwood stump in the center of the square. They forced his head down onto the hard black wood. Lord Eddard Stark dismounted and his ward Theon Greyjoy brought forth the sword. 'Ice,' that sword was called. It was as wide across as a man's hand, and taller even than Robb. The blade was Valyrian steel, spell-forged and dark as smoke. Nothing held an edge like Valyrian steel.

His father peeled off his gloves and handed them to Jory Cassel, the captain of his household guard. He took hold of Ice with both hands and said, 'In the name of Robert of the House Baratheon, the First of his Name, King of the Andals and the Rhoynar and the First Men, Lord of the Seven Kingdoms and Protector of the Realm, by the word of Eddard of the House Stark, Lord of Winterfell and Warden of the North, I do sentence you to die.' He lifted the great sword high above his head...

Sword Details

  • Blade: "Valyrian Patterned" stainless steel
  • Hilt: Cast metal with antique nickel plate. Genuine distressed suede wrap.
  • Grip Ring: 24k Gold Plated, and Silver Plated cast metal parts, antique finish
  • Plaque: Silkscreened fiber board. Includes mounting hardware.
  • Overall Length: 55 inches.

 IMPORTANT, READ THIS: This is the exclusive officially licensed Ice, Sword of Eddard Stark from "A Song of Ice and Fire." All swords come with a certificate of authenticity personally autographed by George R.R. Martin. Ice is a limited edition of 2000 pieces, each sword is laser inscribed with the edition number.

This item is not a toy. Please keep out of the reach of children.


About Valyrian Steel ®

The Valyrian Steel ® Collection is a series of weapons and arms created from the fantasy world of author George R.R. martin's best selling book series "A Song of Ice and Fire". Each limited edition entry in this collection is made of only the highest quality materials available with special attention made to the finish and detailing. Based on Mr. Martin's meticulously detailed notes and descriptions, the design of each piece reflects the rich characters and history of his magnificent saga.

Payment Methods

Check or Money Order. You will checkout on this website here and then be presented with an order form to print out and mail along with your payment. If you are International you should visit your bank and ask for a certified check in USD for the appropriate amount, or visit a Western Union branch office and obtain a Money Order from them in USD. After placing your order you have 30 days to make payment or your order will be cancelled and you will have to replace it, possibly losing your spot in line. If at any time you wish to cancel your order you may do so via email and a refund will be mailed to you. 

Credit Card. Checkout through the website and choose credit card payment. We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover. Please be advised that your card will be billed a deposit of the full amount when you place your order. This deposit is 100% refundable at any time up until when the product ships. If you are from a country with a high degree of credit card fraud we may reject your order and require you to pay with a check or money order. Your credit card statement will have a charge from "Jalic Blades."



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Product Code: VS0003
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Reviews / Comments
Valyrian Steel
"My wife and I have ordered and received both Longclaw and Needle for our son. We have been extremely satisfied with the service and the products of Valyrian Steel. Their service has been exemplary. The products have arrived in excellent condition and perfectly on schedule, as promised. Thank you Valyrian Steel, I can say it no better. Thank You."
Dec 24 2010, 15:31 PMby

You will not be disapointed!
"I am blown away by the beauty and power of this sword. Everyone that comes in my office comments on how amazing it looks. Perfectly made and an incredible work of art. Valyrian Steel is the real deal. Order it now before they are all gone."
Aug 10 2011, 15:55 PMby

A work of art!
"Received mine yesterday and it looks spectacular. We now have a new piece of art to admire in our living room. Well done Valyrian Steel!"
Aug 03 2011, 16:21 PMby

if looks could kill
"i spent many hours dreaming of it finally getting to my house but was still unprepared for what i pulled from that gigantic box. #272 is stunning and all my thanks goes to those that made it possible. All i can think of now is that damn war hammer and when will it be hanging next to ice in my house."
Aug 11 2011, 07:57 AMby

#333 Wow
"#333 Very impressed by the size and quality of it and a cool number too! "
Aug 11 2011, 22:04 PMby

"#0266 is extremely excellent. I knew the size of what I bought but I was still taken aback a bit when I unboxed it because it is a massive sword. The hilt is very well done but I almost want a leather wrapping instead of a suede wrap but for the purpose of display the suede is the better choice. I was a little apprehensive about the curved cross-guard but I am growing to love it. Now to the star of the show the blade: The Valyrian Pattern is beautiful and running my fingers over the ripples is interesting and the thought occurred to me if I was ever to need to decapitate a deserter from the Wall I would have a hard time cleaning the blade, as mentioned before the blade does wobble a bit but it should be noted that if the blade was made any thicker to remove the wobble then it would be too heavy for it's purpose. This is an amazing blade and worth the money! P.S. for those who have just gotten the blade make sure you test it outside because I have made a small hole or two in my ceiling due to me giving the blade a test swing."
Aug 10 2011, 19:18 PMby

Gorgeous Piece
"I got mine in the mail today and it is truly gorgeous to look at. The mount for it is excellent as well. The first part of the handle near the pommel is a little "creaky" sounding at times, but other than that it is an amazing piece. I'm now sold on buying Longclaw and Needle."
Aug 11 2011, 02:00 AMby

"The quality of these swords is amazing. For that price, a no brainer. The customer service is awesome. Can't wait to buy the other swords their gonna make"
Aug 24 2011, 20:53 PMby

Simply awesome
"The Sword is of very high quality, I was so excited when it arrived and was not disappointed! If you are on the fence about this trust it"
Aug 27 2011, 07:11 AMby

"Let's start with the negative. I'm from Bulgaria (so, you can add it to the list of countries above) and the shipping and import duties drive the price up considerably, especially taking into consideration the local standard of living. Just for the record, there is $80 s&h and another ~$80 duties and VAT. It's almost the price of Needle and the total price is like 2/3 of my monthly salary (and according to the national statistics - this is more than the average monthly salary for the country). So, that sort of precludes the possibility of me buying another sword, but I'm definitely considering something smaller, like a dagger in the future. The other thing I did't like is the suede wrap. Compared to the rest of the sword it's sub-par. It was already dirty when I took it out for the first time and the upper part isn't completely glued. I'll be investigating methods of cleaning, so the first drawback should be fixed sooner or later. Now, the good stuff :) I heard it a lot that pictures don't do it justice. They definitely don't! I always had some misgivings having seen various photos and videos - I thought it too small, the handle too long compared to the blade, the blade not wide enough, the pattern not that good... Somehow, pictures never captured the beauty of this sword, especially the paterned blade. IT'S AWESOME! It really is by far the most impressive and beautiful sword I've ever seen (well, perhaps the Damascus version excluded). It's a work of art and now that it's haging on my wall it's worth every penny. You won't regret it and if I lived in the US I'd probably buy Needle and Longclaw as well. The customer service is also pretty good (I had some trouble placing my order back in April, but I think Chris got me sorted out). So, overall, I'd definitely recommend buying this sword. It's a masterpiece and 10 years from now you'll probably look back and think "Yup, that was a damn good purchase! Thank God I bought it when I had the chance.""
Aug 28 2011, 09:15 AMby

"first time buying a fantasy sword (or display piece of any kind), and despite my friends telling me I was mental, I'm delighted with it. Really, while it took a number of months due to preorder etc, it was worth the wait to have something from the series of books that has obviously had a lot of care and attention put into it. It's a beautiful sword, and one that even the toughest critics have been impressed by! My thanks to Valyrian Steel."
Aug 30 2011, 13:23 PMby

"Ice is so fantastic. If there is a Damascus version, I\'m in. (I wonder if the handled tapered wider as it comes to the hilt would be an option, (understanding GRR gets the final word. Can\'t wait for Oathkeeper (and Robert\'s Hammer). Run, don\'t walk and order up ICE. You will NOT be disappointed."
Sep 04 2011, 02:06 AMby

Comment: LOVE IT!
Sep 04 2011, 04:37 AMby

Excellent sword
"I was surprised with the size and weight of this when I opened the box. The effect of the 'Valyrian' stiples on the blade is really amazing. This sword being displayed will stop house guests in their tracks, it's that beautiful. Very pleased with this purchase. Thank you!"
Sep 08 2011, 19:59 PMby

Winter is Coming
"Amazing quality as everyone agrees. This swords definitely looks and feels like a blunted version of the real thing. Letter of authenticity from GRR Martin is an excellent touch. Also, all my questions about the shipment were answered within 24 hours and everything they told me was the truth. They were not just telling me what I want to hear to get rid of me. Props to the Customer Service!"
Sep 14 2011, 14:13 PMby

You will regret it... if you don't buy it.
"I received my Ice today and I was stunned. It's really magnificent in every way. The detail put into this is just insane, must buy."
Sep 23 2011, 15:43 PMby

Ice - Stunning
"I received Ice a few days ago and have not had time to fully inspect/admire/appreciate it yet. But when I took it out of the box I was suitably impressed. I loved every detail and it is the most stunning sword in my collection. My wife even admired the blade and said it was very "classy". And now the Damascus version has been announced. A small part of me was disappointed that I had already bought the standard edition; this was quickly squashed by the greater part which was instead excited because I now have an excuse to buy another one!"
Sep 14 2011, 14:36 PMby

Better than expected
"I'm from France and it took less than a week for Ice to arrive so I was very pleased about that. And much more pleased about the quality of the sword. It's big, it's classy and it's realistic. The "shield" that came with was quite a surprise and added to the quality of the package. Awesome job !"
Sep 15 2011, 19:50 PMby

"I just got mine yesterday it is a beautiful piece well worth the money."
Sep 16 2011, 15:59 PMby

"I received #0589 recently and it exceeded expectations. The pictures online definitely do not do these swords justice. My wife who is not even remotely interested in this sort of thing was even impressed. This will not be my last order. Thanks."
Sep 20 2011, 10:40 AMby

Ice, the fantastic sword of Eddard Stark
"Hey! I have recently received Ice number #0359. It's a fantastic sword! Just beautiful! Even more than in seems to be in the pictures... -The texture on the steel is the sword an amazing look and feel. -The weight of it is just what you'd expect from a two handed sword of that caliber...It's very impressive and well balanced. -The handle & the guard are fantastic as well...great leather-work! It's an amazing craft...The awesomeness of it pours out like a mist..My room just good way more classy :) I highly recommend to any ASoIaF and medieval weaponry fans...Well worth the money...Simply fantastic! I now own Ice and Needle both...I just wish I had enough money to buy Longclaw at this point...The set wouldn't be complete with out it...The swords of the Starks ^^ Will keep my eye open for other releases from VS...You can bet on that! Valyrian Steel, thank you for helping this big fan own a piece of his dream :) The autographs of Mr.Martin are alone worth framing and hanging on the wall ^^"
Sep 24 2011, 11:30 AMby

A Gorgeous Blade
"Just last week I bought Ice #0003 and I don't regret it for a moment. I am a collector and have many swords but there is no doubt that this is and will likely remain the pride and joy of my collection! An absolutely gorgeous piece to be treasured! Also, delivery time to Canada was very quick, if a tad pricey. Worth every cent! Daniel Paterson"
Sep 30 2011, 01:29 AMby

"Very happy about the purchase. Sword is excellent, so is pommel, hilt & handle. Not going to let too many friends hold it 'cause of the suede handle, it gets dirty fast. Heavier than expected. Fast shipping & handling from Valyrian Steel. Was held up in customs a bit though, they asked for a separate invoice (first time I experienced that). Fast reply from Valyrian sorted that out nicely. Recommended. SirJump"
Oct 05 2011, 19:20 PMby

"Just received ICE in the mail. Stunning piece. I can see it being a good conversational piece when I have company. 5 stars."
Nov 23 2011, 18:48 PMby

"I just received Ice as a Christmas gift. I live in Brazil, and the sipping was perfect and fast, with the sword arriving in perfect condition. As for the sword itself, it is much better looking than the pictures, with a very realistic feel to it. The hilt is amazing and the blade is beautiful. 10/10."
Dec 16 2011, 17:50 PMby

"Just recieved ice after it was held up in customs for about 5 days. My fellow canadians should be notified that an additional charge from customs will rack up another 20 bucks. Onto the blade, the picture never did ANY justice to it. At all. It arrived and i almost "spilled my seed into mine own britches" as Martin would write :P Everything about this sword is magnificent. The handle is easy to dirty but i dont worry about that to much, its 8000 years old, the dirt from the hands of every king in the north and their lords following them is supposed to be on it, so why not play with it and make it look the part =). Didnt arrive sharpened, was sad about that but im sure some wetstone work will correct that :P All in all, well worth the money, i almost wanna buy another one just so i can feel like im not ripping off the suppliers haha. But im sure someone someday is going to be the first to try to buy this sold out limited edition. Overall the sword is totally solid, shiny, detailed and looks ready for war, although i dont know if i should be swinging it at anything. Dont know how combat ready these blades are. If your thinking of buying it, let me just say, its not expensive enough for what you get. Besides, Christmas, like Winter, is Coming."
Dec 20 2011, 03:28 AMby

"Received Ice #1099 today. Even faster shipping than Longclaw. Amazing detail. Had to seriously restrain myself from grasping the hilt. My compliments and thanks for the great service (curses from "She who must be obeyed")."
Dec 20 2011, 03:41 AMby

Love This !!
"My favorite characters in the books and the show..... Longclaw #1479 and Ice #0900"
Dec 23 2011, 05:12 AMby

WINTER IS HERE!!! for Christmas!!!
"Got for Christmas and absolutely love it!!! The Starks are The Family of choice in my house and having this beautiful piece of steel cements that fact. Thankyou for bringing the fans a wonderful pieces to collect. ICE #0956"
Dec 25 2011, 16:14 PMby

"Got mine for christmas and cannot stop looking at it its amazing.It looks great on my wall next to longclaw and very well made a big thanks to valyrian steele.ICE#0884"
Dec 27 2011, 19:13 PMby

Winter is coming, I'm ready for it!
"This is a fantastic sword. From hilt to end the detail is astounding. The suede on the hilt is lovely. The direwolve around the middle is a lovely touch. The blade detail is lovely, the ripples look really good. Great sword."
Jan 02 2012, 20:53 PMby

"I just received this sword and it is beyond words. I feel powerful when I weild it. I dont have a large sword collection but of all the ones I do own this is my absolute favourite. A fantastic piece. Beautifully crafted. Thank you Valyrian Steel. Cheers to you all"
Feb 14 2012, 06:51 AMby

"My big ICE sword arrived today. What can i say... its awesome and it will be the king of my swords collection. The biggest of all of them for sure. Will look shiny in my wall... #1102"
Feb 02 2012, 20:19 PMby

Comment: Loving it.
"Winter? Winter can come and meet my Ice! quite pleased with the sword all in all, I think longclaw is next!"
Feb 21 2012, 17:29 PMby

i love this sword
"i just got my ice #1111 (sweet number) and i love it its just what i thought it would be. i agree the blade is a bit wobbly but for a blade that size what do you expect. I have been collecting weapons since i was 17 and have over 30 swords and this is by far my favorite so far and the story it comes from makes it that much cooler. i just listened to an interveiw with mr. martin and now am not just impressed with his writing but with the man himself. cant wait for the southren fighting spear, and hopefully they make the dragon horn from feast for crows. peace out,[and winter is over ( finally!!)]"
Mar 13 2012, 23:10 PMby

"I FINALLY got Ice today. I have been coveting it for months as it sat in the back of my local comic shop and it has been well worth the wait. I have been dancing around in an ecstatic manner all day. my life is now complete. Have ordered Needle and Longclaw as well"
Mar 15 2012, 01:06 AMby

Ice #988
"A week to arrive in France. It is much better looking than the pictures, very beautiful."
Mar 20 2012, 12:59 PMby

Ice # 500
"Got Ice 500 today. Sword is really nice, I like the hilt, but what really looks beautiful is the handle. I have not had the problem that others have written about, that being about smudges on the fabric and loose fabric material. All in all, a very nice looking sword that will look great next to Longclaw and Robert's War Hammer when it comes out. Guess I'll get Needle soon as well just to have them all."
Mar 31 2012, 05:11 AMby

Ice #0055
"Great sword! I honestly cant decide if i like this or longclaw better! There are a couple flaws with it though. The blade is a bit wobbly(not to big of a deal though)and the white handgrip was dirty when i bought it, but with all the battles eddard stark was in, id imagine the handle would be somewhat dirty. Overall great sword! You guys totally need to do Anything of Jaime Lannisters next or maybe another dagger."
May 08 2012, 23:15 PMby

Comment: Awesome.
"Ice received today a really beautiful item i love it! Now i have to buy Needle and Longclaw to complete the set"
Apr 24 2012, 14:30 PMby

The best sword ever !!!
"This morning at work I got a message from home saying that my Ice had arrived. During my lunchbreak I immediately drove home so see it. It was worth the extra drive and sacrificing my lunch! When I first saw the box, it was enormous. Then I unpacked it and I finally saw it. The look and feel is perfect, I'm really happy I decided to buy one. My blade isn't wobbly, it really feels as it should feel, awesome! Also the plate with the Stark emblem is a magnificent piece. Hopefully there will be more swords released very soon. I'm sure to buy them."
Jun 06 2012, 11:14 AMby

"My Ice arrived today. A little frustrated with having to pay a customs fee having had to pay $80 in postage to the UK, but that's not VS's fault. The sword is amazing. Ned is my favourite character so getting it was a must. Can't wait to put it on my wall."
Jun 25 2012, 16:40 PMby

"Sword is as big and Awesome as you can imagine. Must have for the Avid Collector :)."
Jun 11 2012, 20:23 PMby

"Absolutely stunning on my wall. I missed VS Longclaw, won't make the same mistake with the HBO version. Between GRRM and VS, I think the duo can create a ridiculously beautiful Oathkeeper as well."
Jun 21 2012, 03:10 AMby

"I'd been on the fence because I'd never owned any serious collector's items (nor swords) and the price was high, but after receiving Ice I am so pleased. Didn't have any of the problems mentioned, no wobbly blade, no smudges and the sword feels AMAZING. Pictures really don't do the hilt and blade justice, it exemplifies the beauty and depth of Westeros. Also, the drastic price jump on Longclaw made this an easy choice since it's an investment! Very excited to see what follows!"
Jun 29 2012, 04:01 AMby

A Man has a second sword
"#1,256 to be precise again. As Valyrian Steel has sold out of Ice, I consider myself very lucky in a UK company called Battle Orders who have them in stock. I'll start by saying that Battle Orders have given me the best customer service of any company I have ever used. They rang me within minutes of placing my 2 orders (I also bought Longclaw and will review when it arrives) and they could not have been more informative and helpful, quite simply a very pleasant purchasing experience and I will use them again and recommend you do too. Valyrian Steel are equally superb. Now the sword. :) Ice is huge, at around 55 inches long it is a beast of a sword, and yet a very ornate and almost delicate feeling sword, it has an impressive weight, I certainly wouldn't want to be swinging it around, so please understand it is very much a wall hanger. Needle remains my favourite, but Ice is a work of art, a very sharp tip so be careful. I have no idea how far down the tang goes but enjoy this beautiful masterpiece. If you are thinking of getting the set, get them fast. You won't regret it. Please note, Parcel Force messed me about again just like they did with Needle (which came from the states) and they failed to leave me an attempted delivery note, so after many phone calls I found out they delivered to one of my neighbours yesterday. Beware of Parcel Force (UK), but Battle Orders do all they say they do and more, don't go anywhere else, these people deserve your money and your custom. (Unless it is still In-Stock with Valyrian steel, then of course buy from here first) But Ice and Longclaw are down to less than 50 each there."
Jul 19 2012, 17:33 PMby

Comment: Bday Gift
"Perfect gift for the "Ice and Fire" theme Birthday I did for my husband. He's a collector of swords and this is the first one I've bought that is replica to a story/comic/tv series... And he loved it. It'll look awesome on the wall with the other swords."
Jul 03 2012, 16:31 PMby

"Hands down its a beautiful sword and I'm glad I got one of the last ones. If your a fan of the books/series you will love the sword."
Jul 16 2012, 20:55 PMby

"Okay, so I just received Ice and it is just freakin' awesome! Everything, since the package to all the small details, absolutely perfect, and you get the G.R.R. Martin autographed certificate, nothing beats this product. This is a must have collectors product and I recommend it one hundred percent."
Jul 06 2012, 16:57 PMby

"I wasn't sure of buying the sword, but it is limited edition, and there were less than 40 when I was thinking of buying it. I do not regret my decision. I love it! The blade is indeed heavier than the hilt, but I don't feel any wobbling; but, since I'm not using it to fight, it doesn't matter. It's a magnificent piece of art and very well detailed. I'm definitely buying another sword from VS."
Jul 19 2012, 07:15 AMby

Pinnacle of Epicness
"Absolutely love it. All my friends are jealous! hahahaha. Stunning sword always wanted to own one, honored to have my first sword from A Song of Ice and Fire and Valyrian Steel site. Thank you!!!!"
Jul 21 2012, 06:53 AMby

Comment: #1922
"My Ice has arrived. Now It lies in Brazil...It´s winter here now! The sword is too beautiful and quite heavy. It´s really perfect!!! The blade details are AMAZING! And shipping was too fast, faster than I imagined. Ice is a dream that came true."
Jul 30 2012, 00:49 AMby

"#1343 this sword is amazing. A fantastic display sword. I couldn't help but swing it around and pretend I'm beheading deserters though! Given the chance I will definitely purchase more items from VS. And very fast delivery to Australia."
Aug 01 2012, 14:49 PMby

*thumbs up*
"Absoloutely beautiful sword. Fast delivery, great packaging, prompt customer service. Very happy with this purchase. :)"
Aug 15 2012, 17:55 PMby

"My gosh, this blade is beautiful. I had to get it through some third party buyer, and it was a hassle, but so worth it. It looks so good. I snagged 1931. Im not particularly impressed with the suede wrap, and i'd rather not have to punch the holes in the plaque, but the these are all minor issues. I love it so much. Now i just have to find a longclaw, which seems to be far more elusive. Oh, and i expected the sword number to be written on the CoA, but it wasn't. (Though i suppose writing in 2000 numbers might be a hassle) Im just happy to have GRRM's signature. Ps. I'd put up pictures, but i don't have a facebook so I'm kinda limited."
Aug 18 2012, 20:36 PMby

Comment: Great
"#1730.. Love this sword, looks great on my wall...longclaw should arrive next thursday & I'm really excited to have them hanging next to each other!! Next up is Needle, which I'm glad I can buy directly from Valyrian Steel =D"
Sep 01 2012, 02:50 AMby

Comment: Stunning
"Number #1480. The Icy Sword found its new home in Australia. Love the sword and was the start to my Game of Thrones room. Got the Needle as well but sadly missed out on the Longclaw. By the time i discovered Valyrian Steel it was sold out. Will get the HBO instead."
Mar 14 2013, 06:38 AMby

"Got this from a site in the UK. As soon as I purchased it I regretted not getting Longclaw instead, but now I have it, I am so glad I didn't get Longclaw. The sword is absolutely beautiful. I only wish I was a bit stronger to be able to swing it about a bit. But even just having it for decoration is amazing. Totally worth the money."
Sep 12 2012, 15:58 PMby

"Proud owner of number #1952, which i bought of ebay recently. It is a massive sword and looks awesome."
Mar 29 2013, 07:00 AMby

Comment: 10/10
"I received this sword recently and found out that it has a lot of spare valyrian steel, so I melted it down into two more for my son and my brother, it works so much better this way. the two swords are absolutely brilliant. 10/10 would melt down again."
Apr 08 2013, 19:30 PMby

truly epic
"You have to really hold this blade in your hands to appreciate how epic it is. The wide blade of this great sword is very imposing, as is the valyrian pattern on the steel. The white suede on the handle is very nice, but does get dirty quite easily. The gold accents are a nice touch. The one thing I wish was different is the "winter is coming" text on the guard. I wish it was done in a different font, or in the language of the First Men. The current font looks too modern to me. This small issue isn't enough for me to knock any stars off this sword. It really is very impressive and looks great on the wall next to Longclaw."
Aug 26 2013, 15:09 PMby

Beautiful sword.
"Got mine (#0682) yesterday, after ordering back around may. First things first, the blade is absolutely gorgeous, the attention to detail was actually quite shocking when I got it out of the box. The etching in the blade is possibly the part I liked most about it. The second thing was the heft. This is a very solid sword, for the most part, the blade is a wee bit wobbly, but even that isn't that bad. It's a display piece, after all and isn't meant to be functional.Another thing I've noticed, although it's still kinda early to tell, is that the hilt doesn't rattle even a tiny bit. That made me very happy. I can't even begin to recount the number of times I've picked up a sword only to have it sound like a child's rattle. The suede wrap is going to be a stain magnet though. I'd recommend washing your hands before handling if at all possible. I took it outside to take a couple of pictures with it and noticed upon bringing it back in that my thumb had left a slight sweat-mark on the wrapping. All in all though, it was a very good buy. And I will definitely be looking to purchase Longclaw at some point in the future.(Only rated 4 stars because I don't believe in perfect ratings. :P)"
Aug 10 2011, 16:30 PMby

#85 - Spectacular
"I don't normally buy things like this, but this is definitely something I'm glad I jumnped on. It's such a beautiful sword, and I'm thrilled to be able to put it on my wall, alongside the framed authenticity certificate, of course."
Aug 17 2011, 01:26 AMby

"This is a marvelous piece of craftsmanship. The smoky effect along the blade is more pronounced than on my Longclaw, which only serves to further impress the beauty of the blade upon admirers unfamiliar with Martin's "A Song of Ice and Fire" series and Old Valyria. The small touch of gold plating in the hilt is so understated it's nearly unnoticed to someone who detests the color as I do. My only criticism is that its blade is the same length at the one on Longclaw; I should have realized by the dimensions, but I thought a two-hander that loomed taller than Robb would have a larger blade. As impractical as it would be, even for a display."
Aug 12 2011, 14:27 PMby

"I got my sword yesterday and it is brilliant. I like the wolf detail on the hilt and the blade effect is amazing. I had misgivings about the writing on the crossguard but now having seen it I love it as well - especially the font. My only negative is the hilt - I like the idea of it being white but it was already dirty when I got it out of the box. This is a shame but there must be some way to clean it. Overall this sword looks great and I'm eagerly awaiting the hammer."
Aug 31 2011, 07:50 AMby

Ice in the Netherlands
"After almost 10 months of waiting after the order, ICE #0026 arrived! It is really goodlooking and beautiful and got a great spot on my wall. The only thing i'm worried about is the suede wrap on the hilt, which feels pretty loose. A lot looser than the wrap on Longclaw. If taken to hand too much, i'm afraid that that's where the sword will be damaged first."
Sep 30 2011, 15:41 PMby

Winter IS coming ... well in a few months in New Zealand anyway!
"I mentioned to my wife that I would like one of these and she went ahead and got one for me as a christmas present. I am very pleased with it except i feel the blade is a bit too thin but in saying that it is only meant as a display piece so all in all very pleased. A nice edition to my collection. Sam The Slayer"
Jan 11 2012, 18:54 PMby

Ice is a Beauty
"I received my Ice a few months back and it is an amazing sword. I love collecting swords and this is my largest and most dazzling piece. The only let down is that it is not as strong as people make it out to be. I have heard reviews that it can be used as a functional sword, but just from holding it I can feel the wobble of the blade and an unsettling clicking in the hilt when the blade moves. However, as far as display purposes go (which is all it should be used for), it is perfect. ICE#0291"
Jan 23 2012, 20:06 PMby

"I got #095 today from the find of low numbers. Very cool. Longclaw is next."
Apr 28 2012, 01:34 AMby

"The sword is beautiful and quite heavy. As was mentioned before it is a little flimsy if you hold it straight out. My only real complaint was when I went to mount it I noticed that the Stark emblem had a few scratches on it. Other than that I\'m very pleased."
Jun 23 2012, 20:38 PMby

"Shipping was amazingly fast. The sword and plaque are handsome. No doubt Ice is a weighty claymore and quite gorgeous. Perhaps not exactly the same Ice that Lord Eddard wielded, but nontheless very handsome. I'm very pleased to have Ice displayed in my home. I wouldn't go using it in any Medieval battles,I'd be afraid to damage it. Now to learn fencing and the fundamentals of sword combat, besides "sticking them with the pointy end"."
Jun 18 2012, 15:42 PMby

"My dad bought this for me for my birthday and it is absolutely amazing. My mom and him know nothing about the books or show, but they thought it was a beautiful (and HUGE) sword when they first saw it. To say I love it is an understatement"
Jul 18 2012, 02:07 AMby

"Got my Ice # 1875 today. I have never owned a sword of any kind, but I am a huge fan of the book series. When I opened it, Ice was ALMOST as I pictured it when I read the book. In my mind, the blade was alot darker. Other than that, I feel as though I am the rightful Lord of Winterfell... The warhammer is definitely on tap for Xmas. Hopefully GRRM gets to approving the Oathkeeper design so that can get added to my collection. Winter Is Coming and I am ready!"
Jul 18 2012, 07:55 AMby

Winter Has Arrived
"#21XX - bought it right before it went out of stock. Great sword, no problem of quality issues or flimsiness, but as another has mentioned, this sword's steel goes to the guard, not into the hilt, so if you smack something with it, the blade could become loose. Ornamental only. I only give it four stars cause the REAL ICE sword would have a blade about twice the width and weigh about 20 lbs (double), so I would not call this a "replica". Other than that, the two-handed hilt is beautiful with leather and gold inlay of the DireWolf, the blade has the ripples described of Valyrian steel fordged weapons, and I am very happy with this purchase."
Jul 30 2012, 16:53 PMby

Phew just got one!
"I was very lucky that this was still available on a online retailer in the UK, and managed to pick up Ice # 1253. The sword is just awesome and is looking very superb next to my Longclaw. I'm now gonna have to replenish my coffers to be able to pick up Needle, Dragon Glass set and Oathkeeper. Thanks VS for another brilliant weapon and a very satisfied customer. P.S please make Dunk's shield from GRRM’s ASOIAF prequel The Hedge Knight."
Aug 01 2012, 11:52 AMby

"Number #1491 should feel at home in the now icy Scotland! Blade has a superb feel down the length with the 'folding' a really neat feature. Only complaint was slight smudging on the wall hanger around the wolfs nose area. Looking forward to seeing what else Valyrian Steel can produce! =)"
Dec 07 2012, 19:12 PMby

"yay i finaly got my sword in the mail 2day iv been hanging out by the mail box ever since i bourt this sword and im so stoked it finally came very well done love it 2 bits cant stop playing with i t lol so happy with it worth the wait!!thanks valyrain steel :D"
Sep 07 2011, 09:50 AMby

"I really wanted to love this sword, truly I did, but for the price I was expecting more. Let me first talk about the strong points of Ice. The hilt/handle is gorgeous. I love the white suede (even though mine came with a big black fingerprint on it), the centerpiece direwolf carving and the gold plated bands that surround it. I also loved the end piece of the handle. The cross i liked as well. It is a raised and not flush which adds to the beauty of it. Now onto the reason why I felt disappointed with the item which is the blade. When holding the sword it feels flimsy and wobbly. I cant help but think that this was a design flaw that I'm surprised wasn't addressed before mass production. If only the handle was a bit wider and the blade a bit thicker towards the cross and thinned out as it got longer this may have helped with the blade feeling secure and solid. Now I know its not a real sword but I do have Longclaw and that is a 5 star item in my opinion. It feels great in the hands and when you swing it in the air you feel confident. Unfortunately the same can't be said about Ice. I gave the item 3 stars because I appreciate the detail to work on most of the sword and the hard work it takes to take something from design concept to a final product. With that being said an item is only as good as its weakest link and the feel of the sword in my hands and the lackluster blade is huge letdown and takes 2 stars away from it. I am eagerly awaiting the Oathkeeper and I hope I wont be disappointed."
Feb 27 2012, 08:08 AMby

Comment: #1441
"This is my first replica sword and I'm liking it a lot. I have nothing to compare it to so I find it to be absolutely stunning. There are a few things that bothered me like the hilt, because it's suede, gets dirty fast. As a matter of fact it came very dirty with black marks and one brown spot on it. I think next time I'm going to wait until I'm in the states to order one of these as getting it shipped to Canada, including the shipping fees was a total of $80 ($30 in customs, $50 shipping). The sword itself I'm very pleased with."
Jun 06 2012, 20:44 PMby

Comment: Lord Wigham
"The sword is absolutely stunning to look at, the blade is slightly wobbly, but I wouldn't say that's a bad thing, if it's slightly wobbly, it's more resistant to shattering, a solid blade would break easier, I can't wait to hang it up on my wall!"
Jun 16 2012, 17:34 PMby

"I received my blade for my last birthday, It has to be one of the finest blades I've seen from a fantasy setting, Its an easy comparason to "Anduril" (Aragon's sword, Lord the Rings) although Ice is a couple of inches longer and a bit heavier, When i took it to compare to my friends Anduril, he became very jealous! Calum You should check the authenticy of your blade, mine is a solid very weildable beast."
Jan 02 2013, 14:01 PMby

"I have to say while I agree that the sword is beautiful, I am a little disappointed in the quality of the blade. I was expecting a functional sword not just a decorative sword. I own Long Claw and if I had to i could use it as a sword. This blade is way to flimsy to be considered functional. STORE NOTE: Longclaw and Ice have the same blade thickness, and almost the same blade size."
Sep 01 2011, 11:58 AMby

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