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Welcome to Valyrian Steel. We are the officially licensed manufacturer for collectible prop replicas from Game of Thrones, House of the Dragon, and the books of George R.R. Martin.

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Location: Valyrian Steel \ Ice, Sword of Eddard Stark

Ice, Sword of Eddard Stark

Ice, Sword of Eddard Stark
 This is an official Game of Thrones® licensed product. 

Stoic, duty-bound and honorable, Ned Stark embodied the values of the north. In moving to King's Landing to serve as Hand to his longtime friend Robert Baratheon, Ned fell on the wrong side of court intrigues and paid for it with his life. This adult collectible is officially licensed from HBO®'s hit series Game of Thrones® and is a serialized edition. It includes a display plaque and a certificate of authenticity. 
The Game of Thrones® Collection is a series of collectible weapons and armor painstakingly recreated from the actual props used on HBO®’s hit fantasy epic Game of Thrones®. The officially licensed collectibles are made from the highest quality materials and have been crafted with special attention to reproduce the authentic details found on the props.
This item is not a toy, please keep out of the reach of children. This replica sword is intended solely for display purposes as a collector's item. Official HBO Licensed Product © 2012 Home Box Office, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Game of Thrones is a trademark of Home Box Office, Inc. Produced under License by Jalic Inc.
Overall Length: 57.5"
Blade Length: 42"
Blade Material: 1060 High Carbon Steel
Blade Construction: Unsharpened, full tang
Hilt: Hardwood with Antique Brass Handle Parts
Plaque: Silkscreened Wood with Direwolf Sigil

Payment Information:

We accept Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, or Discover. We also accept checks and money orders through the mail or Western Union. While checking out you will have the option of choosing credit card payment or a mail-in payment to finalize your order. 

ICE is in stock

Shipping Information:

For domestic purchases we offer the full range of UPS shipping options, prices will be provided during checkout. For international customers to some destinations we offer regular mail shipping (2-4 weeks typically) or UPS shipping options that are faster, to other destinations the only options are UPS, and to some destinations we cannot ship at all. All international customers are advised to read  this page prior to placing their order. 

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"my class pitched in and but this for our professor and he loved it so much great idea, great buisness "
Apr 17 2013, 03:08 AMby

Winter is Here
"This Ice sword is awesome, very well put together and pleasing to the eye. Overall an awesome product and well worth the wait."
Jan 30 2014, 21:54 PMby

Finally! Worth the wait
"Finally got my very own Ice! It was well worth the wait with my only complaint being the outer damage to the box and sleeve; occurring during shipment I assume. The sword itself is beautiful and massive. Very sturdy construction with no loose parts. The blade itself did have a few slight scuffs which should hopefully buff out."
Jan 30 2014, 20:14 PMby

Massive doesn't begin to describe this sword!
"By far the best sword that I own. Just the shear weight of this thing lets you know when you need to take a deserters head all you have to do is raise it and let it drop no swinging needed. Great Job Valyrian Steel on this sword. I for one am very Happy. Winter is Coming... and with it comes ICE!"
Jan 31 2014, 03:14 AMby

Finally Ice has arrived
"Really impressed right off the bat seeing the slide cover with very nice graphics but then I opened the inner box and wow! This is a big blade! Definitely two hands needed to wield it. Great feel and it looks good on my wall. Good job! Winter is here!"
Jan 31 2014, 03:29 AMby

This is a man's sword.
"This is a man's sword. It is massive and you definitely need two hands to swing it. I love the lazer inscription "ICE, Sword of Eddark Stark" Total awesomeness. The best piece I have ever owned. To be balanced in my assessment though, I do have one slight issue with it and that is the top doesn't screw on straight exactly. If you display it, that's fine. But if you are trying to kill white walkers with it, you'd want to screw the top on tight but it won't look straight."
Jan 31 2014, 23:27 PMby

"Nothing new to say in this review...sword was well worth the wait. Massive and visually pleasing to the eye. If you thought about purchasing this sword at some point, do it won\'t be sorry. Great job on this product valyrian steel...and thank you"
Feb 04 2014, 14:33 PMby

A solid piece of work
"This is a beast of a sword, and you really don't understand just how big it is until you see it in person. Everything is tightly fitted together, and there is surprisingly little wobble when swinging it around. As far as balance goes, it is quite blade heavy, but what else could you expect from so much steel? Its home is on my wall, but it feels sturdy enough that I may take it out once or twice to massacre a few melons or milk jugs. Definitely a worthwhile purchase, and a steal at $300."
Feb 08 2014, 18:40 PMby

Comment: Winter is here..421
"What an amazing sword, my 421. A symbol of duty and honor that l will treasure forever. The first time I seen this in show, I was hoping for a replica to be made.A fine piece of craftsmanship to add to my collection, worth the wait. "The man who passes the sentence, should swing the sword" "Remember the North.""
Feb 06 2014, 02:39 AMby

He who passes the sentence must swing the sword
"Oh Wow! This sword was well worth the wait. I can't get over how much it dwarfs my other swords though. Goes great with Robb Stark and Longclaw. You guys should make a bear skin sheath for Ice like in the Pilot episode."
Feb 11 2014, 17:13 PMby

This sword is legit!
"When I received my sword today the box, firstly, was beautiful! The sheer size and solidity of this was amazing!! Easily the best sword in my collection!! Very happy :) I got number 243 and I'm glad I was able to get one. Holding it you realize it true size. Truly a man's sword!"
Feb 15 2014, 07:44 AMby

A worthy sword
"The hilt on this thing gives it so much presence! The steel buffs up to a brilliant shine with some Renaissance Wax. Love the hardwood! I am very thankful that you fulfilled my wish and gave me No.207 to match my ASOIAF No.207 Damascus Steel Ice. My only concern is the pommel. It isn't quite straight."
Feb 17 2014, 09:54 AMby

"It's already been stated ad infinitum, but I'll say it again: This sword is a MONSTER! It make my LOTR Anduril sword look like a toothpick. Love the blood grooves too. It's a gorgeous wall piece, though I'll probably stick to my gladius for playing around. Trying to "fight" (or pretend to fight) with this thing could pull my arm out of its socket. Clearly Eddard is using a different blade in scenes where he's not beheading crow deserters..."
Feb 20 2014, 23:46 PMby

Ice Ice baby!
"What a wicked sword! It was a very long wait from when it was originally announced but this sword is brilliant! Such weight to it, it really feels very solid in my hands. It's exactly as advertised in pictures, I couldn't be happier with it. Stoked for my Damascus Longclaw coming in the spring, hopefully not such a long delay for that. Cheer Valyrian Steel."
Feb 21 2014, 05:47 AMby

Amazing Piece of Steel
"I had previously owned the book version of Ice but what I really wanted was the TV version. Well I finally got it and its by far the best item Valyrian has produced thus far. The sword is massive, well put together and the blade is very sturdy. The only thing I wish they did was use the reddish wood on the handle instead of the brown, but this is a small nitpick on my part. I enjoy the TV series replicas more since they are made by a weaponsmith. The author George Martin writes amazing stories but when it comes to creating a functioning sword I think that isn't his trade hence the issues I had with the book version of some of his swords."
Feb 22 2014, 17:05 PMby

Huge and awesome!
"Seriously this sword is massive, the picture doesn't do it any justice. Very solid, especially for how large it is. Very happy with my purchase."
Apr 30 2014, 23:37 PMby

Beautiful as ICE
"My wife went to C2E2 and picked me up Ice #990. Most beautiful sword I own to date. I'm also the proud owner of Robb Starks sword #1126. Keep up the great work guys."
May 19 2014, 21:33 PMby

A must-have for any Stark
"The sword is big, heavy, and beautiful! There's a lot of detail in everything, including the plaque, and all of it feels, looks and is extremely high quality. A must-have for any Stark!"
Jun 06 2014, 14:36 PMby

Comment: OH MY F#@KING GOD!!!
"I just receiveed my Bachelors of Science in Graphic Design and for a graduation present my wife talked to eveyone in our family to they all pitched in and gavew me Ice for a graduation present. When I opened the box all I could say was "Oh my f#@king god!" I was just floored. This sword is the most amazing thing I've ever seen. It's so skillfully made. It is absolutly amazing. It hangs in my studio by my drawing table where I can look at it and be inspired by it. If you are a fan of Game of Thrones this sword is a must have. It's just amazing. Thank you Valyrian Steel for making an amazing sword."
Sep 22 2014, 12:22 PMby

This is the best sword ever.
"My and family gave me Ice for a graduation present and all Ihave to say is that this is the most amazing sword I've ever seen. Pictures don't do it justice. When I opened the box my jaw dropped to the floor. It's truely a work of art."
Sep 23 2014, 19:34 PMby

Don't think on it!
"I've been looking at both the Damascus and carbon versions of this sword and I couldn't decide. I wanted the Damascus but it cost $400 bucks more. I was kicking myself for weeks about picking one. So finally I decided and went with this one, but I was worried about the blade being too shiny. It is not. It may be a little light, but it's perfect. It's big. It feels great and it's huge. the blade is the size of my fist. Whether a present or for yourself, you won't be disappointed."
Nov 04 2014, 23:33 PMby

Pick your teeth like a F***ING man!!!
"Like most people who enjoy eating wings, I always have issues with meat getting stuck in my teeth. Well not anymore, thanks to this baby I can get my teeth clean no problem... Or slay a giant... Whichever situation presents itself first! :)"
Nov 21 2014, 20:44 PMby

As cool as Ice
"This is a excellent sword very well made and heavy. The plaque is top quality too. Thank you Valyrian Steel. And my mum and sisters."
Dec 11 2014, 05:33 AMby

best present ever
"I ordered this on the 3rd of December for my boyfriend. I live in Canada so I thought I would be waiting awhile for it but it came today(the 11th)! My boyfriend loves it. He was so surprised, definitely earned me extra brownie points :) I didnt have to pay anything extra when it arrived either which was a huge relief. It is so heavy and huge the size alone is impressive. If I didnt know how much it cost I would never guess $300. My only complaint is the wall mount isnt holding up the sword. The holes are too close together but Nate will be able to fix this. If you are thinking about ordering it do it!! I will definitely be ordering more stuff from here"
Dec 12 2014, 02:51 AMby

Winter is Coming!
"All I can say is Wow!!! I received Ice for a Christmas present and I have to say I am truly impressed. The sword was very well packaged and arrived unharmed to South Florida. The blade came coated in oil and wrapped in plastic to protect it against rust. The packaging was re-enforced with small blocks of wood at the sword point and the end of the hilt to ensure that it didn't break through the packaging which is great once you consider the overall size and weight. Construction of the sword itself is flawless. It is well balanced and visually stunning. The plaque is not as well made but the quality of the sword more than makes up for it. I give it 5 silver stags. I would recommend this item to any GOT fan who can afford the $300 price tag."
Jan 03 2015, 03:51 AMby

"Brilliant product, incredibly well put together and weighs a ton. Looks amazing put on the plaque on the wall."
Feb 03 2015, 17:48 PMby

nothing is as heavy or as tough as valyrian steel
"I love the sword its big and you will the heart of the north in this blade. So would so have braced your self winter is here"
Feb 21 2015, 11:46 AMby

Great quality blade
"I just received my ICE Sword of Eddard Stark and the first thing I thought when I opened the box was "this sword is huge". And it is, this blade towers over all others and it is made of great quality. I wished I had purchased it earlier. For those of you who are on the fence on purchasing ICE, I can not recommend it more. It is an outstanding sword and the price is fantastic. I can't wait to hang it up on my wall, it's a fantastic conversation starter. Remember though, the blade is made from high carbon steel so it will corrode if you don't maintain it. Try not to touch it with your fingers as the oils in your hands will also corrode the blade. It's going to be hard to have guests not touch the blade with their bare hands but a little kind reminder never hurts. For those of you who have this sword already, you know what I mean when I say it's an awesome purchase. For those of you who don't have one yet....What are you waiting for! THE NORTH REMEMBERS!"
Apr 28 2015, 13:35 PMby

A dead moth
"My sword was absolutely beautiful! It came in today, and opened it up and hung it up with my Robb stark and long claw sword. I ran into one issue while opening it- a dead moth was in the wrapping. Luckily it was on the outside of the wrapping so it didn\\\'t mess up the blade. Otherwise, awesome sword!"
Jun 16 2015, 23:46 PMby

Need i say more
"Gotta say this sword is none this world. I once cut a goat in half just thinking about this blade. I can guarantee this is 100% valyrian steel. If Gandalf had this blade, it would cut the Ring in half. Also, one reviewer said that you should oil this blade regularly so it does not rust. I myself keep my blade lubricated with the blood of my enemies and some KY GEL. PS. Spreads butter like no other!"
Jun 24 2015, 02:58 AMby

"can cut all the watermellons I wanted. It made my day very happy. Thank you all"
Jun 27 2015, 00:16 AMby

Comment: WOW!
"I ordered the Ice sword for my husband's Birthday and it arrived after 11 short days. I am so thrilled with the quality of this beast, you've outdone yourselves! My husband LOVES it!!! The only thing I'm a tad nervous about it the plaque. It's lovely but I am afraid it won't hold the weight of the sword. We shall see when we find the perfect spot to hang it. Thank you for your no-nonsense, customer friendly site, Valyrian Steel. I will be ordering from you in the future! Cheers!"
Jul 07 2015, 12:33 PMby

Amazing buy
"This thing is the biggest sword in my collection and makes my ranger sword look tiny valyrian steel did a amazing job on it and it was worth every peny"
Jul 12 2015, 17:56 PMby

An absolute beast.
"This is an incredible replica. The sheer size is overwhelming and the detail is incredible. The sword is also very sturdy. I had debated with myself for ages and I'm extremely pleased that I decided to go for it. Thank you very much, valyrian steel."
Aug 05 2015, 14:38 PMby

"Just got my HBO GoT sword and all I can say is daaaaaamn. This thing is huge! Dwarfs all my other swords. Very pleased with it. Only complaint is that in order to get it in the plaque you have to slide it in from the tip. Very minor complaint but makes handling it a bit more work. Very pleased with the piece of art. Please keep coming out with new A Song of Ice and Fire blades!!"
Feb 06 2016, 19:37 PMby

"One of the coolest collectibles I have ever owned. What an incredible replica!"
Feb 08 2016, 08:30 AMby

"So amazing!! A great birthday present!"
Feb 17 2016, 22:46 PMby

Ned's ICE
"Well my ICE turned up for my Birthday present and like all the other reviews its HUGE ! It wouldn't take much effort to chop off a limb or head thats for sure ! Very pleased it has excellent craftmanship within the build, I wish the damascus editions were still available, they would be something else!"
Apr 15 2016, 03:04 AMby

Well Worth It!
"Was wondering on whether or not I should buy it, I ended up buying it but cancelling it due to anxiety that the blade would not make it through customs. It shipped before I could, it made it through, and voila! The sword is absolutely beautifully crafted, and really weighty! My wall is gonna look awesome once I get my Longclaw and Oathkeeper next to it. 5 Stars Valyrian Steel!!!"
May 25 2016, 13:04 PMby

Comment: 5/5
"The only bad thing is that the wood is a lot lighter than the show version, otherwise, an excellent piece!"
Jul 09 2016, 02:15 AMby

King of the Swords
"Just got this for Xmas... haven't said a word since. Truly breathtaking. Will definitely add more to the collection."
Dec 27 2016, 16:04 PMby

Very impressed
"I could not be more impressed with the sword I bought (ICE) as well sat this company. I placed my order on a Sunday afternoon and by midday Thursday of the same week I was opening a box with my sword in it! This was a birthday present for my wife and it went over very well. We are saving up for the hounds helm next!! Hopefully we can get it soon."
May 15 2017, 23:37 PMby

Comment: What was I waiting for?
"Finally my third sword from Valyrian Steel which I bought Longclaw and Jamie's sword and now ICE, very beautiful displays sadly I started late as a fan of the show missing out on Robert's Warhammer and Robb's Sword but if they ever decide to make Lannister helmets I'll have to get me one quickly! Lol"
May 20 2017, 00:19 AMby

Amazing Ice
"What an amazing piece of weaponry,takes pride of place in the man cave.I am so impressed with valyrian steel I am seriously considering purchasing Long law. Many Thanks"
Jul 28 2017, 15:04 PMby

Warden of the North!
"Awesome sword! I knew this sword was going to be big, but lord, it's massive!! It's a simple design, that suits the Starks of Winterfell. If your a fan of the show, you will enjoy this--A LOT. Make sure to take the oil off when you get it, and put a fresh coat on. Lastly, I've heard many complaints that the blade is wobbly. What would you expect from great sword? It's massive, it's heavy, and it's awesome. You won't be disappointed, I wasn't!"
Jul 29 2017, 02:34 AMby

Love It
"I ordered this sword to fit with my Winterfell theme in my basement Nerd Lair and I love it. It looks so good on the wall. It came in the mail quickly and just wow. I can\\\'t wait to order Longclaw to put on the other side of my picture of the Children of the Forest."
Aug 11 2017, 02:19 AMby

ICE - Ned Stark's sword
"This sword is an absolute beast of a weapon replica. Without doubt it is absolutely gorgeous hanging on the wall in a point of prominence. The first thing you notice is it's size. It's beautiful. My advice to any interested in buying this piece of functional art is not to hesitate. You won't be disappointed. I used to own the book "ICE" sword but I would rather have this one. Another small point I'd like to raise is that the boxes these swords come in have been excellently engineered to take a lot of punishment for delivery. I live in Australia where our postal items are treated like footballs and I have never received an undamaged sword. Who knows, perhaps one day a scabbard will be available for this sword. Buy one!"
Oct 20 2017, 18:27 PMby

Ice/ Valyrian Steel
"I collect several sword from different Movies, TV shows, Anime, and I have to say that this one stands above all of them. It is a sturdy built and very impressive from all angles. Not only is the sword amazing but the Customer service is the very best that I have ever encounter."
Apr 06 2018, 01:48 AMby

Aug 10 2018, 14:46 PMby

"Because the awesome"
May 17 2018, 03:45 AMby

"I just got Ice today, super fast delivery. Ordered Saturday and got it Wednesday. Like many other's have said, this goes beyond words. The size, the weight..its just unbelievable. Thank you Valyrian Steel, #4791 here. So awesome."
Mar 06 2019, 23:06 PMby

"I was more pleased than I expected to be. It is certainly a real sword, only lacking a proper edge."
Jan 13 2019, 09:17 AMby

Oh my Westeros!!!
"I thought Longclaw was amazing! But after getting ICE today, I’m blown away!!! The quality and craftsmanship of these replica is superb, well worth the money!! I recommend it if you are debating on buying, just beware it’s a HUGE SWORD. I’m 6’-3” and it’s big to me so I can imagine someone smaller, either way you’ll love it!"
May 14 2019, 02:34 AMby

"Just got Ice today. The sword is outstanding. The quality is incredible. Proud to have this as a collectible. If you are deciding to get this sword I highly recommend it. Well done Valyrian Steel well done."
May 22 2019, 22:02 PMby

"Just recieved my ice today and im speechlees the sheer soze of it towers everything im 5'6 and its almost ad big as me the wood handle it so amazing and flawles"
Aug 08 2019, 03:42 AMby

"Looks great and came a day early"
Jul 27 2019, 17:17 PMby

The Picture Doesn't Do It Justice
"This sword is absolutely beautiful. It is much heavier than I thought it would be and a bargain at $300. I recommend this to anyone who is a fan of the show. Also I received it in under a week which I find amazing. Overall I am very impressed with this sword and I will definitely be buying from here again. Work of art."
Aug 13 2019, 01:09 AMby

Very cool if you\'re a fan
"I do not personally own this blade, but a friend of mine does. It\'s absolutely HUGE. I\'ve been collecting blades of all sizes for over 15 years, and this is a fairly impressive piece simply because of its immense and gargantuan size. For a sword of this length and breadth, I personally would prefer a higher grade of carbon steel other than 1060 (considered the bare minimum for most long blades), but if it\'s heat treated correctly then I suppose it isn\'t too crucial. The fact that the blade comes unsharpened is a bit of a downer too. Unless you know how to do it yourself (which most people cannot do properly), it is a bit pricey to have it sharpened professionally. The other thing that made me a little wary was the price tag. It\'s only $300, which is pretty inexpensive/low in the world of real functional blades. It makes me concerned that some corners might be cut in order to bring costs down. In the world of real blades, a functional sword of this size made with proper techniques and steel would be in the $800 range, minimum. How they keep it at $300 is a mystery to me. At any rate, without speaking to its functionality (which I cannot because I have not seen one from this company used to cut anything), it\'s a very nice piece and very beautiful for the price. Definitely a great conversation starter and would make a very nice center piece to any collection. If you are a big fan of the show, I definitely say spend that $300 to get this behemoth. The display plaque that comes with it is also very nicely done, and a rather beautiful addition to this already attractive piece. Also, you better be a real man if you plan on swinging this beast around. It\'s got some serious heft to it, and if you really commit to a swing with it you better have a solid stance and a firm grip or it will really get away from you (or take you with it, as it did with my friend\'s my little brother LOL). Oh yeah, and don\'t forget to keep it oiled and keep your grubby fingers off the blade! It is carbon steel, so it will rust if you do not take care of it, especially if you touch the blade with your nasty paws. Wear gloves or handle with a lightly oily rag, or if you must touch it wash your hands (then oil it after). Keep your hands off the brass bits as well. The oils from your fingers will cause it to tarnish, and even will discolor the wood of the hilt over time. Enjoy your enormous, giant-slaying sword!"
Apr 10 2015, 08:39 AMby

An awesome purchase
"I was a bit worried about the purchase. How's it going to look? Will it be flimsy? What's the quality like? Well, I received Ice today and I have to say it's spot on what the pictures show. Nice steel blade, smooth wooden finish, and it is truly massive in size! Very nice quality discussion piece. Will definitely buy Needle if they release a show version! *hint hint*"
Apr 16 2014, 23:32 PMby

Comment: The Stark Sword ICE
"I collect several swords I have the Marto Conan Atlantean Sword & a Razor sharp Katana Ect. As Soon as I saw the series Game Of thrones & The ice Sword I wanted it. And even better I'm a Stark.. So cool to have my Name.. I will order soon.."
Jan 14 2019, 18:08 PMby

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