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Welcome to Valyrian Steel. We are the officially licensed manufacturer for collectible prop replicas from Game of Thrones, House of the Dragon, and the books of George R.R. Martin.

We are transitioning to a new website, Jalic Blades and we recommend placing your purchase there. Going forward new products will only appear on the new website.

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King Roberts Warhammer

King Roberts Warhammer

This is an official A Song of Ice and Fire book series licensed product. 



“Rhaegar fought valiantly, Rhaegar fought nobly,  Rhaegar fought honorably. And Rhaegar died.”

 In his youth Robert Baratheon was a paragon of a man, stronger and larger than most others on the battlefield. His chosen weapon was a war hammer of such immense size his friend Ned Stark could not wield it. The hammer was forged by Donal Noye while he was still the smith at Storm’s End, and Robert’s prowess with it was legendary. In tournaments he was never much for jousting, preferring a melee where he could bludgeon his opponents senseless.

It was his war hammer Robert carried that day on the river. A Targaryen army led by Rhaegar Targaryen and Ser Barristan Selmy, with Dornish levies under command of Prince Lewyn Martell, met Robert’s rebel army on the Green Fork of the Trident. During the battle Barristan the Bold cut down many men, but was eventually himself grievously wounded, taking him from Rhaegar’s side. Lewyn Martell was later killed by Ser Lyn Corbray, leaving only Rhaegar left in command.

Robert was never one to lead from the rear and his advance eventually brought him into combat with Prince Rhaegar. Robert decided the battle and ended the Targaryen rule in Westeros when his hammer crushed Rhaegar’s breastplate, spilling the rubies that adorned it into the water, giving the area now known as the Ruby Ford its name.

  Hammer Details

  • Haft: Steel with genuine leather wrap, 24k gold plated accent rings. 
  • Head: Cast metal with antique finish, gold painted inlay. 14.5" long. 
  • Plaque: Silkscreened fiber board. Includes mounting hardware.
  • Overall Length: 44 inches. Weight: 10 pounds. 

IMPORTANT, READ THIS: This is the exclusive officially licensed King Robert Baratheon's Warhammer, from "A Song of Ice and Fire." This is the SECOND EDITION of this item. The first edition was 2000 pcs and included George R.R. Martin's autograph and sold out years ago. This SECOND EDITION is unnumbered and does not include his autograph. It still includes the plaque and the COA, it is only unnumbered and unsigned.  IN STOCK.

This item is not a toy. Please keep out of the reach of children.

About Valyrian Steel ®

The Valyrian Steel ® Collection is a series of weapons and arms created from the fantasy world of author George R.R. martin's best selling book series "A Song of Ice and Fire". Each limited edition entry in this collection is made of only the highest quality materials available with special attention made to the finish and detailing. Based on Mr. Martin's meticulously detailed notes and descriptions, the design of each piece reflects the rich characters and history of his magnificent saga.

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Credit Card. Checkout through the website and choose credit card payment. We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover. Please be advised that your card will be billed a deposit of the full amount when you place your order. This deposit is 100% refundable at any time up until when the product ships. If you are from a country with a high degree of credit card fraud we may reject your order and require you to pay with a check or money order. Your credit card statement will have a charge from "Jalic Blades."

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Comment: Blown away
"I expected something great,but this is epic!!!After seeing the quality of this I will be a regular customer!!Keep it up!!!"
Feb 12 2013, 22:15 PMby

Amazing Hammer
"The hammer is quite a piece, everyone I show it to tells me that they didn't expect it to be as heavy as it is. Even though the top spike is loose, it's an easy fix and Valyrian Steel caught it so no harm done. I will be feared in Westeros with this in my hands. VALYRIAN STEEL COMMENT: We're inspecting all units before they ship now and fixing those necessary to deal with the top spike issue which was apparently the result of a bad batch of epoxy."
Aug 09 2012, 19:45 PMby

Thors hammer can suck it!
"Roberts warhammer is by far one of the best looking valaryian steel products you can get your hands on. It's well made and spectacular. Top spike is a little bit loose though.Looks badass in my room next to Ice. thanks Valaryian steel keep making great replicas"
Aug 14 2012, 10:36 AMby

"Absolutely amazing. Definitely worth the wait. Only thing was the top spike is a little loose but all in all this was worth the wait and money and I am extremely happy with this warhammer. Incredible job! -Luke VALYRIAN STEEL COMMENT: We're inspecting all units before they ship now and fixing those necessary to deal with the top spike issue which was apparently the result of a bad batch of epoxy."
Aug 11 2012, 18:40 PMby

I knocked him down with the hammer - Gods I was strong then! Caved in his breastplate; probably shattered every rib he had...
"First! Just came home from work to find a nicely sized box waiting for me behind my house! I kept checking the status updates on UPS all day until I saw it was finally delivered. It is AMAZING. I own Longclaw and Ice on top of this, and I can easily say that this is my favorite piece next to Longclaw. It's very heavy, and even after holding it for a few minutes my arms began to tire. The top spike, bottom spike and the curved one on the back are VERY pointy, so keep out of reach of young children or dogs/cats. All in all, this was definitely worth the wait from when I ordered this 5 months ago!"
Aug 08 2012, 00:25 AMby

Great Hammer
"The hammer is beautiful. Very well made. It was well worth the cost. The customer service was very transparent and promt. I have only two small knitpicks. The plaque is a mite small. It makes it hard to see the pretty detail around the massive hammer. But, meh, it's still pretty. Also, the packaging quality was not what I had gotten with the last two purchases. The decorative box was a little dinged up, and the certificate of authenticity was curled around the plaque box (it will be fine once framed, though). It seemed a little rushed (which, from what I read about the transit problems, it probably was - understandably). All in all, though... great purchase. Will be buying again."
Aug 15 2012, 18:07 PMby

"Valyrian Steel has done it again. I was somewhat apprehensive of a non-sword product. Their swords cannot be beat. THE PICTURES DO NOT DO THIS PIECE JUSTICE. Heft, markings, design, overall quality is splendid. Cant wait for the next piece!!"
Aug 16 2012, 00:47 AMby

Two thumbs up
"Just got mine today. So awesome. i look forward to buying more items from this amazing shop. customer service is fantastic as well."
Jan 22 2013, 01:18 AMby

"just got my hammer today and its magnificent, couldnt be happier."
Apr 18 2013, 14:25 PMby

Absolutely Beautiful
"I received this as a graduation gift and couldn't have been more ecstatic - it is absolutely gorgeous! I fell in immediate and irrevocable love. The heft is exactly as one would hope for, the balance remarkable and the awe-inspiring look of it increases any room's B.A. Level by about 10,000 points. By way of its might and beauty it incidentally filled me with a fervor to continue on with my collection of valyrian steel products, and I shiver at the thought of what I may do to enhance my possesion of said items. I would love to continue going on about how unbelievably amazing this warhammer is, but unfortunately words do not yet exist in any language to describe it. Keep up the good work Valyrian, forever yours,"
Nov 18 2012, 01:21 AMby

"I got my hammer in the UK yesterday and it is just fantastic. The colours are so beautiful and it feels really heavy like you would expect. And mine doesn't have the loose spike issue which was a bonus. Well done VS!! It was worth the wait."
Sep 02 2012, 07:14 AMby

"Received #707 the other day and it's a beautiful piece. Can't wait for more products to be released!"
Apr 06 2013, 18:13 PMby

"A fantastic piece, looks brilliant mounted. Cant wait for the show replicas to be released!"
Nov 11 2012, 00:47 AMby

"I received #0961 with my signed COA earlier today and after a thorough inspection I am very pleased. It has a great feel to it, the spikes are firmly secured (and razor sharp), and I see no signs of damage from shipping. Its a beautiful piece and I highly recommend it."
May 01 2013, 05:11 AMby

"I received this item yesterday, Valyrian Steel shipped it out on the same day I ordered and it took about a week to get to me here in the UK, fantastic service. The work and detail that has gone into this item is absolutely amazing, it’s very solid with no loose or faulty features noticeable and the head it heavy in weight as you might imagine. Looking forward to any future Baratheon items that may be released. ‘Now start making Robert’s Helm before I piss myself! Gods!’ Seriously though, brilliant item and thank you very much Valyrian Steel for providing it."
May 09 2013, 07:26 AMby

"Exquisite design elements and a fierce looking replica. Valyrian steel successfully captured GRRM’s vision of Robert’s favored weapon and turned it into art. It’s intimidating with a total of nine sharp points (9 teeth on the hammer face, 1 top spike, 1 back spike and 1 shaft spike) If you are still on the fence, rest assured that you will NOT regret acquiring this masterpiece for your collection (or Treasure Hoard) "
Jun 05 2013, 15:59 PMby

"Got mine in the mail a month ago, only a few days after ordering it. I like to get drunk and swing it around my apartment. It's pretty badass."
Jun 06 2013, 15:30 PMby

"The picture does not do this massive piece of War, justice. King Robert was so fierce in his battles and this beautiful creation portrays him perfectly. I had like a 15 minute conversation with the UPS guy about Game of Thrones haha. It was so awesome, I will most certainly be back for Ice and Longclaw. These guys are the real deal. I will be honest with everyone though. There was only a kind-a-sorta drawback but if you have you read the books YOU KNOW George doesn\\\'t give a poo about typos lol. First of many to my collection Valyrian Steel. I thank you sers kindly! 1. C"
Jun 19 2013, 23:31 PMby

Another satisfied customer
"Recieved my warhammer yesterday in Ireland and I am very satisfied with my purchase. It is very beautiful and feels very real in my hands - I think its worth the money even if you take away the fact that this is game of thrones and game of thrones is awesome :) Admittedly, I was expecting the head of the hammer to be bigger but its still wonderful. Some people have complained that the \'spikes\' are loose. This was not the case with mine - the spikes have no \'give\' even if you lift the whole hammer by them. Top quality :D"
Jul 03 2013, 17:30 PMby

Amazing !
"Just received mine today, I have to say it is really amazing, greatly made, with a lot of details, incredible quality. The spikes are very pointy, so you should be very carefull if you have childrens. It was my first Valyrian Steel product, but i'll defintivly get more ! Number 427 of 2000"
Jul 18 2013, 10:11 AMby

Hammer Time
""Finally got Robert's Hammer today--amazing shipping speed btw. It's a great piece, just like the rest of book weapons. Now I hate to be 'that guy', but with the exception of the Catpaw dagger and the helm, the TV weapons aren't all that compelling. Robb's sword in particular is particularly bland. It does resemble the show, but that's not the point. I'm an avid collector of weapons, and love GOT, but I'm curious if we're going to get anymore book weapons as it seems of late you're focusing on show stuff. I really hope you guys haven't given up on the book ones, because for my money, they're exceptionally well crafted and beautiful pieces, especially the Damascus blades. J.A"
Dec 25 2013, 05:33 AMby

" Holding this thing helps you understand the Power wielded by King Robert, this piece is yet another work of art from VS, I am happy GRRM wanted to make it this heavy, it gives you some understanding of just how powerful Robert was. No problems at all with my hammer, I got Mark Addy (actor of King Robert from HBO) to sign my Certificate for the Hammer while the Cast and GRRM were doing their Aussie tour this year at Supanova. Cheers Rob"
Dec 17 2013, 12:09 PMby

"Just received mine. Its a beast. No issues. Not sure if Im gonna put it up on the rack only because of the cats. I love it. got a good place to store it for now. Amazing warhammer."
Oct 29 2013, 18:11 PMby

Impressive, Most Impressive
"I am thoroughly impressed with this collectible war hammer. The detail is magnificent and the size/weight are staggering. It is no wonder Rhaegar fell to this weapon. The spikes on the face, top, rear, and bottom of the hammer are extremely sharp. The leather wrapped handle looks and feels great. The head is securely bolted in place and extremely sturdy despite the significant weight. Overall, the construction and appearance are outstanding. I am not typically a collector of this type of memorabilia, but I would definitely consider coming back to Valyrian Steel for more. "
Nov 12 2013, 17:17 PMby

water heater
"I gave to my friend for his 40th birthday and it was incredible. He had just replaced his hot water heater and the old one was in front of his home; so we each geared up and gave it a whack. Lets just say Rhaegar did stand a chance"
Mar 24 2014, 00:54 AMby

Crazy one.
"I juste recived my Warhammer and can say that it's spectacular. Big, Strong and heavy. I m really happy form you work. The warhammer is FULL black. and no think about grey as the picture. I juste wanna say two thinks. First is that the painter is really bad. He put black on spikes and on golden rings and that look a bit chip. The second is about the plaque display. All items that a purchase from you VS have all the plaques littel dommaged. That s bad. But thanks you for the reste."
Mar 31 2014, 16:43 PMby

Ours is the Fury!
"Somehow gets more awesome every time I see it- it rattles a bit, but is otherwise quite solid. Looks fantastic on the wall next to Longclaw and considering it came with a COA autographed George R.R. Martin I\'m immensely happy with this purchase. #1187"
Apr 18 2014, 02:26 AMby

A Hammer fit for a King!
"Given Valyrian Steel's reputation, I had really high standards on what this was going to look like. It is absolutely exquisite. It weighs like a fantasy warhammer should (that is, a freaking ton). The haft is beautifully crafted - the handle grip is clearly of a high quality, and the 24k gold plated ringlets against the perfect ebony black haft really sets the whole thing off. The head is a marvel - beautiful gold inlay against a wondrously textured metal head. I also have Damascus Ice on order, and after getting this I really can't wait any longer. Super psyched! Thank you so, so much Valyrian Steel!"
May 28 2014, 22:25 PMby

"All I can say is that I could not be happier. The hammer is awesomely sexy and I love it. This was my first purchase from VS and I have Longclaw on the way and I cannot wait to see what else VS have created with their fantastic skill. The signed certificate is pretty neat too. Great Job Valyrian Steel, never stop fulfilling every nerds dream."
Jun 25 2014, 23:18 PMby

amazing however....
"I absolutely love my new war hammer that I got about a week or so ago. It is sturdy and strong but if you hold it at the leather wrapped handle it bends down from the weight. There us also a typo on the box and certificate of authenticity that says:"it his was his war hammer Robert carried that day on the river...etc." I was just wondering if all the boxes and coas said this. But I am very happy with this prized possession of mine thank you and keep up the good work"
Jun 27 2014, 22:53 PMby

5 stars
"almost broke my leg with this :D"
Aug 04 2014, 10:10 AMby

"No 1259... Bought for my boyfriends 21st birthday. He was blown away! Even the packaging is great. It's heavier than expected and is simply beautiful. Definitely not the last purchase, we will be back! Thank you Valyrian Steel."
Aug 16 2014, 10:47 AMby

Works Great m8
"I tried using this on my unwanted child the other day and it worked like a charm. Would definitely recommend to a friend. 8/8 m8 P.S can anyone give me some recommendations for discrete body disposal? Also need a good dry cleaning place that doesn't ask questions."
Jan 06 2015, 11:32 AMby

"I just received this today and it\'s amazing, definitely one of the best purchases I\'ve ever made. All I need now is an original Baratheon shield (before the house splintered and the sigil was twisted) and my collection is complete. Also, Book Ice would be nice if you guys would ever do another run Valyyrian Steel, I\'d not only buy one right away but I\'d pre-order it before sales were even official."
Feb 12 2015, 03:37 AMby

Astonishing to behold and wield
"This hammer truly fits the character of King Robert Baratheon, from both the narrative and TV show. This is a weapon of a true warrior and conqueror, fit for a strong man well trained in combat. When you hold it in your hands, you can easily understand their words - "Ours is the fury" - for that is what the hammer embodies, furious battle capabilities, yet beautifully regal enough for the most Kingly of nobles. Absolutely amazing and intimidating weapon, both with its large size, the geometric hammerhead and spikes adorning the haft. Fit for a Warrior King."
Apr 11 2015, 03:28 AMby

You pay for what you get top quality
"Just got mine number 1357. Couldn't be happier. Cant believe how sharp it is and the hammer part it top quality. Gorgeous pattern on it as well if you are on this site (like me) just thinking hmmm should I get it? What are you doing click buy now i thought it would look cool what I got it far more than I expected. The worst thing about getting this Warhammer is that you will want all the others with it. As soon as I get paid in 2 and a half weeks i'm ordering longclaw and maybe pre-ordering needle as well."
Jun 22 2015, 22:13 PMby

"This hammer is amazing, and has a great feel to it. Its very heavy and is very well made, the spikes on mine were spark which I liked, and it sits next to my Longclaw and Ice perfectly. Get on before they sell out, its a book version so having GRRM autograph is a plus as well. Everyone who like the story of the Trident, should get this"
Jul 01 2015, 20:06 PMby

Just what I wanted
"I definitely treated myself to this gorgeous item and it was worth it. I can never seem to find good war hammers anywhere but this one is just perfect. I am a huge Robert Baratheon fan anyway so it filled my needs there but more importantly with my endless lust for beautiful warhammers"
Aug 15 2015, 15:42 PMby

great and sturdy, but arrived damaged and needed home repair
"I got the hammer today and love it! it is heavy and feels strong and sturdy, it feels sharp and looks awesome. that being said when it arrived at my house the hot glue that held the top spike on the top was loose and the spike fell right out without me touching it. I had to spend about half an hour re gluing the spike and it still wiggles a little bit despite that. I wish the shipping had been handled more carefully as the box was also visibly worn and damaged which may have been the cause of my problem. VALYRIAN STEEL NOTE: We're investigating this issue, there may have been a bad batch of epoxy that affected some units. We recommend finding it with an epoxy putty made for use with metal. If you're unable to find some we can supply you with it."
Aug 09 2012, 00:01 AMby

"I've got Ice, Longclaw, Needle, and the Night's Watch set, and Robert's Warhammer is far and away my favorite weapon to date (I love the other ones too, but this thing is just... wow). I'm debating buying one of those grocery-store-size bin-boxes full of watermelons just to smash them all with it. Note that my top spike is also a bit loose, but I'll just try to epoxy it on if it ever falls off. This is officially my new "in case of Zombiepocalypse" weapon. VALYRIAN STEEL COMMENT: We're inspecting all units before they ship now and fixing those necessary to deal with the top spike issue which was apparently the result of a bad batch of epoxy."
Aug 12 2012, 00:44 AMby

Amazing, but not without its problems
"My warhammer came in yesterday and overall I am very impressed. the design is gorgeous, and the weight is formidable. A few problems though: -the top spike wiggles slightly, but only when I wiggle it with my fingers. - the cast metal hammer head is clearly not completely secured to the haft. If I rotate the hammer, the hammer head wiggles the slightest amount. These aren't HUGE problems, but for $270, it is kind of disappointing that it's not more solid. Other than these two small issues, this is a beautiful product that looks amazing on my wall next to my House Baratheon poster. I would highly recommend this to a fan of the book series of television show."
Sep 19 2012, 14:43 PMby

Slight Dissapointment
"Received Hammer today, as my first product. When I give it a shake i can feel some movement at the head. Also my certificate of authenticity has no number. This hammer can crush 10 skulls with out breaking, but I certainly wont be able to knock any rubies off of Rhaegars breast plate. Next item i get will either be Catspaw or NW dagger chest"
Feb 23 2013, 00:25 AMby

"Got #7 and love it! It is big, heavey, and sharp! Let's hope we never have to go King Robert on someone...but if we do we're ready!"
Mar 31 2013, 20:03 PMby

It kind of rattles
"I recently got Roberts war hammer in the mail...#889....the only complaint I would have is that the handle/shaft is put together in three pieces and you can feel it move and here it rattle. I wish it would just be one solid piece...if they made a heavy duty edition I'd buy it. Oh and the certificate of authenticity doesn't have a number on it. It's absolutely beautiful though. Roberts the man for being able to wield this."
Apr 16 2013, 05:42 AMby

Hammer: A+++, Plaque: F+++
"I received Robert's War Hammer as a Christmas gift and it is a beautiful piece of work. Solid construction, no loose pieces or paint chips, absolutely beautiful. A piece that I would suggest to anyone and everyone that might have the slightest bit of interest in buying it. A+++. The only bad thing about this is the plaque that is used to hang the hammer on, its terrible! The construction is fine, it's solid like all the other plaques, beautifully done with the Baratheon house words and colors, but!!! after I hung it next to Ice and Longclaw, it looked a little small. I thought maybe my eyes were playing tricks since it is a different shape then the Stark plaques, after I rest the hammer on the hooks, all you see is the hammer, it covers the entire plaque! Overall the hammer is so well done, that it may not matter to some people. It just looks a little funny that the most badass weapon on my wall is hanging on a rinky dink plaque."
Dec 27 2012, 16:29 PMby

Not Bad~
"Over all it's a very nice piece, #0432 just wish it felt a little more solid not that I intend on trying to smash anything with it still it would be nice not to get the feeling of delicacy from a war hammer. The haft if I'm not mistaken is a hollow tube and the head doesn't feel as secure as I would of hoped. Overall beautiful piece of eye candy though, also as you can see the little things bug me I'll mention it sucked to open the box and find one of the corners on the COA creased"
May 11 2013, 19:50 PMby

Amazing quality Hammer
"Love the hammer. It was much cooler and more solid than I expected. Looks great on my wall. My only gripe, however silly it may be, is that the autographed copy of the description above that comes with this had a pretty obvious typo on it. I would expect something printed, proof read, and signed 2000 times would have had this caught before it was sent."
Jun 17 2013, 14:54 PMby

awesome piece
"My hammer is hanging on the wall right across from Longclaw and Ice. It is a great addition to my collection and so will future items that I purchase. Keep up the great work, VS. Daniel"
Jun 19 2013, 20:41 PMby

Pretty Sweet
"Received a few days ago, an awesome piece. Craftsmanship is pretty good, no issues with the spikes being loose as others have stated. My major qualm is that it is lighter then I would like (but I'm a pretty big guy), and that the handle has a little more give then I would like. I give it 4.5 on a 5 point scale, especially considering if one were so inclined they could do a tremendous amount of damage with this."
Jun 28 2013, 20:50 PMby

Looks good but that is about it
"i love the way this thing looks it is amazing for any wall piece but if the head of the hammer was solid steel and this thing would have weighed more than 10 lbs it would have been even cooler but i know this is just a show piece "
Jul 13 2013, 07:07 AMby

"I'll start with the bad. The shaft seems to be of lesser quality than the head of the hammer. Also, the box that my hammer came in, while beautiful in design, looked like it fought on the trident. This is not VS's fault, but I figured I would share. Now for the good stuff. When I held it for the first time, I was surprised by the weight. I have no doubt that I could smash some breast plates if anyone stole my wife. Surprise #2 was the spike at the bottom. That bad boy could do some damage if it fell on your foot. Beautiful piece of work and looks great hanging next to Ice. Side note: As beautiful as the Stark pieces are, It would be nice to see a Targaryen or Lannister blade."
Jul 15 2013, 01:11 AMby

i love it
"i love it i wonder tho if i use it to smash things how well will it hold up?? all in all i am satisfied"
Dec 25 2013, 03:30 AMby

"I got this from my brother for christmas and it is a very nice hammer but i have a couple of small things wrong with it, the gold has been worn off with the rings on the handle . and the certificate wasn't numbered and packaged poorly so the bottom was creased badly. apart from that im happy with it"
Jan 04 2014, 17:14 PMby

"Robert won the throne with his warhammer."
"And it's no wonder. This piece of work is absolutely stunning. Hung it up in my room and I keep glancing at it every now and again, thinking to myself; Money well spent. Anyways, on with the review. Robert's Warhammer #1240: The spikes are extremely sharp and pointed, so take care with them. I swear, you could easily hurt someone with them (this is awesome, more than a bad thing). Also, some people have pointed out that the spikes were crooked when they received the item, but mine were all straight as an arrow. The "flat" side, or the face, of the warhammer is also quite sharp (it comes out in like 9 broad spikes). The weight of the warhammer is more than I expected. You need to be strong to wield it with one hand, much like Robert was in his youth. The only problem (personally) is that all the weight is in the head, and that the shaft feels hollow. If you swing it, you can feel it click, as if the two aren't one whole thing. That being said, bare in mind that it is made for display and not smashing in Targaryens. The detail on the head is also amazing. The packaging was great, although the leather handle had a bunch of white stuff on it. Came off easily with a wet cloth though. Around the bottom spike area, there were also some bits of hardened glue showing. Small, but noticeable if you look hard enough. Also the plaque is nice, except it seems small because of the warhammer's size. Overall, it was worth every cent."
Sep 12 2014, 00:42 AMby

Awesome, but.....
"Picked this up recently and was pleasantly surprised. The craftsmanship is great and there is something nice about feeling this thing in your hands. My only issue is that my bottom spike is slightly crooked. Its minor but just enough to notice. Otherwise awesome. Looks great next to my Ice and Hound's Helm!"
Oct 31 2014, 01:52 AMby

Looks fantastic in my room
"This is quite the hammer. It looks outstanding, and the detail is great. It looks great next to Longclaw though I am a bit disappointed with the hammer's overall sturdiness. When I rotate the hammer the haft will shift slightly, and when I swing the hammer it sounds as though there\'s something loose within the haft, and when using 2 hands on the grip while holding it, there will be slight movement at where the grip connects to the shaft. Despite this I understand that this is a collector\'s item, and is meant to look badass on display, but when the apocalypse comes around I hope I\'ll be able to use the warhammer to crush skulls without it falling apart."
Dec 06 2014, 10:05 AMby

Awesome looking!
"It\\\'s a very cool display, but don\\\'t get it if you intend to actually swing it. It\\\'s hollow, but it\\\'s very very amazing :D. I love it!"
Dec 25 2014, 17:12 PMby

My preciouuus
"Had to buy it to a retailer in France, as i'm French, because of shipping costs. But boy, was it worth it. It perfectly fits next to Ned Stark's Ice (the Damascus book version) on my "Weapons of fallen great men" wall, it is epicly huge for a warhammer, and you can tell it is a fantasy warhammer because you can't imagine anyone being effective with it on a battlefield. But you have no trouble believing Robert using it. Single-handedly. All the friends envy me now, thanks for everything !"
Jan 06 2015, 19:35 PMby

Hammers good but COA was not signed
"I live in the UK and received my Robert Baratheon warhammer in the mail today, number #955. My hammer has no issues with the top spike which is great however the bottom spike is at a slight angle and not straight. I was more dissapointed that the COA i received with it had no number and also no signature from George Martin :(. The hammer does feels great in the hand though and is probably the best looking warhammer you will ever find. VS NOTE: We're mailing him a signed COA."
Apr 20 2013, 15:00 PMby

Not surprised Rhaegar died!
"This is one beautiful piece. Only niggle was a slight chipping of the black paint inside one of the gold rings, but you will only notice if you look carefully. Also, there was a typo on the certificate which put me off framing it. But apart from that, it is a solid piece; just stunning. If you can call something that deadly, stunning!"
Dec 02 2012, 15:17 PMby

"The warhammer is finely patterned and looks menacing, the geometric craft on the hammer\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s head is also eloquently designed. The problem lies however, with the staff for which makes up most of the hammer, being hollow. This causes a lack of support for the weight of the hammers head and can make a slight rattle where such a pole meets the head, making it somewhat fragile. Despite this however, the hammer is a great ornamental piece, as is the plaque for which it rests... Also the certificate of authenticity is personally signed by the notorious serial killer George R. R. Martin, I have a sheet with his DNA on!"
Nov 10 2014, 20:05 PMby

"I bought this at the Indiana Comic Con. Happened to come across this booth on the last day. When looking through all their product and getting to get hands on everything I was blown away. Then I almost died upon seeing this hammer. While its not as "known" or "popular" due it not being in the TV show as much, its still a iconic piece. The weight is outstanding! Just picking it up made me feel like I was ready for combat. Detail on it is outstanding! I am beyond happy to add this to my collection and consider it my gem. Highly recommend it! You wont be disappointed!"
Apr 28 2015, 21:06 PMby

Decent product
"As a wall hanger it looks great but when you hold the piece it feels quite fragile as you can feel parts shift and move. For the price you pay I'm quite disappointed about that."
Jun 11 2015, 09:47 AMby

"Definitely worth the money! Was amazed by the beauty and elegance, yet raw ferocity of King Robert's Warhammer. Will be sure to buy more products from Valyrian Steel!!!"
Apr 12 2015, 04:04 AMby

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